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      "To an amazing extent of depth and study, the author of this book has done a tremendous piece of work. It will make a significant contribution to the current discussion of the doctrine of the church among Baptists and others. He tackles the problem at the right point, the weakness of the universal-invisible church theory, and skilfully shows that we are not divided merely on non-essentials, but on the main issue - HOW WE ARE SAVED. His study from New Testament sources on the development of the church and its ministry also makes this a very valuable book. There will be some negative reactions as to his conclusions about the meaning and practice of the ordinances, but I believe his viewpoint here is consistent with his basic premise on the nature of the church. It is a provocative and challenging study."
      Wayne E. Ward, Professor of Theology, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky
      Here is a most timely contribution to the current discussion among Baptists on the church and the ordinances. The author, mellowed by long experience and serious study, avoids the pitfalls of others arguing for the same position. The book is masterly written, putting profound, insights into simple, clear language. One does not have to agree with the author's conclusion to learn from this book, but those who disagree must reckon with his arguments before closing the case.
           C. R. Daley, Editor, Western Recorder


By Buell H. Kazee, 1965

Title Page

Table of Contents

Author's Preface

Concepts and Uses of the Word "Church"
Chapter 1

The Universal-Invisible Church Theory Examined
Chapter 2

A Church of Positive Identification
Chapter 3

The Origin of the Church
Chapter 4

The Church Developing
Chapter 5

The Church Developing (Continued)
Chapter 6

The Church Maturing
Chapter 7

The Church and its Mission
Chapter 8

"Picture Preaching and Table Talking"
Chapter 9

The Problem of Baptism in History
Chapter 10

The Question Which Divides Us
Chapter 11

The Test of Church Fellowship
Chapter 12

What Others Say
[From the back cover of the book]


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