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Thomas Treadwell Eaton
Baptist Pastor and Historian
      Thomas Treadwell Eaton was born November 16, 1845, in Murfreesboro, Tenn. His father was Joseph H. Eaton, LL. D., President of the University of Virginia. His mother was, before marriage, Miss Esther M. Tread well, for some years editor of the "Aurora." He studied in Murfreesboro until after his father's death in 1859, and then entered Madison (now Colgate) University, where his uncle, George W. Eaton, D. D., LL. D., was president. In 1861 he returned to Tennessee on account of the war and soon enlisted in the Seventh Tennessee Cavalry, C. S. A., and served under Forrest. His education was resumed at Washington and Lee University after the war, where he graduated in 1867. Dr. Eaton has served the First Church, Chattanooga, Tenn; First Church, Petersburg, Va.; and is now pastor of the Walnut Street Church, Louisville, Ky., and editor of the "Western Recorder." The Walnut Street Church is the largest white church of any denomination in the South. During Dr. Eaton's pastorate there have been over three thousand five hundred additions, and large colonies have been sent out. At one time seven hundred and eleven letters were granted. The present membership is one thousand five hundred and fifty. In 1880 he received the degree of D. D. from Washington and Lee University, and LL. D. from Southwestern Baptist University in 1886.

[From J. F. Love, editor, The Southern Baptist Pulpit, ABPS, 1895, p. 66. -- via Google Books. -- Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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