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Mission to China
The American Baptist Magazine, 1834
An Appeal for Missionaries

A Baptist Church in China!
The Baptist Reporter, 1843

China Missions Report
Tennessee Baptist newspaper, 1847

China Missions
Letters from Three Missionaries
F. C. Johnson, George Pearcy & I. J. Roberts
Via the Tennessee Baptist, 1848

Baptist Missions in Siam [Thailand] and China
By William Gammell, 1849

Demand for Bibles in China
The Tennessee Baptist newspaper, 1854

Early Mission Efforts of the
Southern Baptist Convention in China

By Harvey Newcomb, 1855

Early Baptist Missions to China
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Early Southern Baptist China Missions
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

The China Mission Association
By J. H. Spencer, 1885

New Methods of Mission Work
By M. P. Crawford, 1889

A New Departure in Mission Work in China
The Baptist newspaper, 1890

Going Back to China
By L. W. Pierce, 1901

Enter Bibles, Exit Opium in China
G. H. Bondfield
From The Baptist World, 1908

A Need in Hakkas, China
By Missionary B. P. Roach
The Baptist World, 1908

Outlook from Interior China
By Missionary H. M. Harris, 1912

William Ashmore, D. D.
Early Baptist Missionary to China
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

A Letter from G. P. Bostick
Baptist Missionary to China, 1890

Tarleton Perry Crawford
Martha Foster Crawford

Early Baptist Missionaries to China
Bios & his Memoirs

Death of Rev. Elijah E. Davault
Missionary to Tung Chow, China
A Letter from Mrs. Martha Crawford, 1887

William Dean, D. D.
Baptist Missionary to the Chinese in Siam (Thailand)
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Specimens of Native Chinese Preaching
Reported by Missionary William Dean, 1844

Rev. Josiah Goddard
Early Baptist China Missionary
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Jesse Boardman Hartwell, D.D.
Early Baptist Missionary to China
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Edward C. Lord, D.D.
Early Baptist China Missionary
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

Issachar J. Roberts
Early China Missionary
There are seven documents.

China Baptist Mission News
By Rev. W. H. Sears
The Baptist Argus, 1898

Henrietta Hall Shuck
The First Woman Baptist Missionary to China
By Marjorie Dawes

Jehu Lewis Shuck
Early Baptist China Missionary
Virginia Baptist Ministers
By George Braxton Taylor, 1912
[There are four letters from China.]

Thomas W. Toby, D. D.
The Baptist Encyclopedia, 1881

M. T. Yates, D. D.
There are five documents.

L. W. Pierce
Going Back to China, 1901.

Park H. Anderson
Missionary to China

Rosewell H. Graves (1833-1912)
Medical Missionary to China, 1907

A Letter From T. L. Blalock, Missionary
"Tai An Fu Shantung, China."
"May 17th, 1931."

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