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Fifty Years in China - An Eventful Memoir of Tarleton Perry Crawford, D. D.
By L. S. Foster, 1909

     ". . . The heat became so intense that it threw Mrs. Crawford into a fever, and for several days she lay tossing on her couch. But finally the longed-for shower came. While she lay there she watched the great drops as they fell on the scorched, porous tiles covering a side room. A large drop would fall, a puff of steam would rise up, and the place would immediately appear as dry as ever. But drop after drop continued to fall upon the same spot, until finally the tiles began to show signs of moisture. Gradually they became quite wet and at last little rills of water flowed down between the rows. So, thought she, must the gospel have time to saturate the hearts of these heathen people. Sermon after sermon, exhortation upon exhortation, line upon line, must be given them, though they may still seem as hard as ever; for the same law holds good in the spiritual as in the natural world, and results will as surely follow causes at the proper time. Thus they took courage for the work before them." [pp. 42-43.]
      When Dr. Crawford was asked what should be written about him, he replied: "My real life has been thus far spent in China, and is likely to continue to be to the end, and should be written, if at all, in Chinese and for the Chinese." [pp. 197-198]



Why Write?
Chapter 1

Early Life of T. P. Crawford
Chapter 2

Early Life of Mrs. Crawford
Chapter 3

Courtship and Marriage
Chapter 4

The "Setting Apart" - Sailing
Chapter 5

In A Strange World
Chapter 6

Beginning Work
Chapter 7

Gathering Clouds
Chapter 8

Conversions, Baptisms, Difficult Questions
Chapter 9

First Visit to the Homeland, Shipwrecked, Miraculous Escape
Chapter 10

Visit to the Tai Ping Rebels
Chapter 11

Troublous Times
Chapter 12

Removal to Teng Chow, Shantung Province
Chapter 13

Beginning of the Monument Street Church
Chapter 14

Progress Under Difficulties
Chapter 15

This and That
Chapter 16

Second Visit to the Homeland
Chapter 17

Street Preaching and Other Labors
Chapter 18

Changes and New Openings
Chapter 19

Serious Questions
Chapter 20

Withdrawl from the Board
Chapter 21

Breaking Up
Chapter 22

Seeking New Fields
Chapter 23

Boxer Uprising, Home at Last
Chapter 24

Outline of a Sermon by Dr. Crawford
Chapter 25

Estimate of Character
Chapter 26

Statement of Principles and Arguments
Chapter 27

Literary Work, Letters, Conclusion
Chapter 28

A Poem for the Churches
Chapter 29


[The document was reformatted and reprinted in 2005; it was provided by Jackie Battles, Winchester, VA. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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