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Going Back to China
By L. W. Pierce
From The Baptist Argus, 1901
Dear Argus:      

We hope to start back to China in April. One year ago on the 27th of this month, we left Shanghai for our homeland, and so we feel that we should return to our work. Our missionaries are all back at their stations, and the Chinese were never quieter than they are now in our Central China section. Now, there are a few things that I desire to say to the readers of the ARGUS>/i>: About 180 miles from Shanghai and about 20 miles north of Chinkiang where the grand canal crosses the Yangtse river, is located the city of Yangchow which has a population of about 350,000. The governor of this city has 8 sub-prefects or governors under his jurisdiction, six of whom are governors of cities with populations varying from 25,000 to 100,000. But one of these cities has the missionary. Between these cities are towns and villages.      

Dear reader, there are two things to which I want to call your attention. The first is, that we have begun work in this vast field, and the second is, that we cannot afford to do so little in such a field where we have already begun work. You will remember the Southern Baptists began work in Yangchow 9 years ago. A man and his wife were sent to this city. Through the grace of God they have been permitted to remain in their station for 8 years and 3 months. A mission compound (a place secured as the home of the missionaries) and a chapel has been secured, the only church building in all this section. A little church with 13 members a foundation only, and an open field. Now, brethren, what we want for this section is four new workers, a family, a physician, if possible, and two single ladies. We have waited 9 years for them and we are sure this is not too large a number to ask of you. Will you send us back without them? Reader, will you not kindly a special prayer to God to send four of his servants. At the February Board meeting they said: "We will help you." But the applicants are not before the Board now. So we must call for them. Who will heed the call? Brother help.
Richmond, Va., Feb’y 15, 1901.


From The Baptist Argus, March 7, 1901, p. 6. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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