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Letters from Clarence Walker to H. Boyce Taylor

      News and Truth, 1920:
      Lexington, Ky., May 27.
     Dear Brother Taylor: The Lord gave us the best meeting ever held at the Ashland Avenue Baptist church. Bro. J. A. Brown, of Texas, had charge of the music, while the pastor did his own preaching. Bro. Brown is the best help a pastor can have in a meeting. Ashland church has grown from 27 members to nearly 200 in four years. Is self-supporting and planning a great meeting house.
     In His name, Clarence Walker.

May 5, 1926 Issue of "News and Truths" paper
Murray, Kentucky

     Dear Brother Taylor:
      Walter and I have just closed a meeting at Port Arthur, Texas, with Pastor T.E. Cannedy. We were there last year and the Lord gave us 125. It pleased Him this year to give us a great meeting in every way with 137 additions to the church. Most all of whom came for baptism and some 15 others were converted, that went to other churches. It might set some folks thinking that are afraid to preach distinctive doctrine in a revival to know that I preached "Why I Am a Baptist and Not a Catholic." I showed the origin of every Protestant denomination. Catholics came and were converted. One of our biggest services was when I preached on "baptism," laying the emphasis upon the fact that no immersion is baptism unless administered upon the authority of a Baptist church. Yes, folks came and opened their eyes - that is why I preached the sermon - and many believed.

In His Name,
Clarence Walker

NEWS AND TRUTHS , October, 1930

Lexington, Ky., June 21.
My Dear Bro. Taylor:

     Enclosed find my check for my bill. Thank you for waiting so long on me.

     The Lord gave us a fine meeting at Stearns, Bro. W. C. McNeely is the pastor and has done a fine work during his eight years there. The Stearns Coal and Lumber Co. own everything in the town except the Baptist church. In it are some mighty fine Baptists who love the truth. Had a good time selling "Bible Briefs" and "Why Be a Baptist." Souls were saved and among them were church members.

     Bro. Compton, from Lake Worth, Fla., is holding a meeting for us at Ashland Avenue. He is preaching the gospel in the old time way.

     Our D. V. B. S. has enrolled 375 with an attendance reaching :304. There ought to be in the course a book like yours, "Why Be a Baptist." If we would raise a crop of Baptist children taught the truth as that book opens up the Bible, Baptists would grow into untold numbers, our churches would be crowded, our debts disappear and mission work move forward with God's blessing upon our labors. With love and best wishes. In His name.

Clarence [Walker].

NEWS AND TRUTHS , October, 22, 1930


     There are two Baptist schools to which. God's Stewards can give their assistance and know that Unionism and Modernism will not be helped.

     The two schools are the West Kentucky Bible School at Murray, Kentucky, and the Hazard Baptist School at Hazard, Ky.

     The West Kentucky Bible School is conducted by Brother Boyce Taylor and has for its purpose the preparation of young people for Christian service.

      The Baptist School at Hazard, Ky., has Bro. C. D. Stevens for its president and is a school where real Christian education is given through the grades, High School and Junior College. Boys and girls can go there for less money than any other school in the country.

     Both of these schools report fine openings this year. If you are interested write for information.

[Clarence] Walker.

[The above letters were written to H. Boyce Taylor and printed in his "News and Truths" paper. Taylor pastored the First Baptist Church of Murray, KY and Clarence Walker pastored the Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, KY. The second letter is a great example of why we need to preach on Baptist Distinctives in our churches.

[The documents and comments were supplied by Ben Stratton, Farmington, KY.]

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