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Western Recorder, 1941
     Some time ago it was my good pleasure to send a note to several of our paper concerning some of the books Dr. H. Boyce Taylor "Why Be A Baptist" and "Bible Briefs Against Hurtful Heresies." I am in receipt of a good letter from his widow, Mrs. H. Boyce Taylor at Burnside, Kentucky, where she makes her home with her daughter. Two things many friends of the loved Dr. Taylor will rejoice in:
"I have had a number of letters in response to your articles from California to New York. Some of them containing orders for the books. I'll be enabled to pay taxes on the house in Murray, Kentucky."
     Dr. H. Boyce Taylor had just brought from the press fifty thousand each of these books when he died. He did not owe anything on the publication of them. That does leave the sale price of them to Sister Taylor for her own use. This is money she sorely needs at this time.

     But here is another word from the same letter, "I am so glad to get more of the books out to be used." And I feel sure our noble editors will be glad to give this further notice of this matter for the aid of this good woman.

     Here is something still more interesting from this letter:

"One of the books fell in the hands of Dr. Jordan. He was secretary of the Negro National Convention. They have a big publishing house in Nashville. Boyce (Dr. Taylor) had been distributing the books free to all preachers. Dr. Jordan suggested that I sell him the books at such a rate that he could handle large numbers. So I did. I let him have the books at a nominal rate per copy, and he paid the postage. "When he attended their meetings in Chicago, Philadelphia, Tampa, New Orleans, St. Louis and other of the big cities, he had me send books ahead to these cities. In this way he placed hundreds of the books. I have been so glad of this work, for Boyce always helped the Negroes and they loved him and came to him for help. I am sure in this way Dr. Jordan indoctrinated his people. He was well educated. He made four trips to Africa in interest of missions and wrote many tracts and leaflets. He died two years ago this January."
     That story touched my heart deeply. My own soul has a passion for our Negro brethren. And I read everything Dr. H. Boyce Taylor wrote for twenty years.

     This year I am going to do in my meetings exactly what Dr. Jordan did - send five dollars to Mrs. H. Boyce Taylor, Burnside, Ky., and have a package of those books sent on ahead to my meeting each time. This will serve two great ends - help her at a time and in a way is needed and place in the hands of the people at a cheap price the very cream of the doctrinal thinking of this intellectual and giant doctrinal bulwark.

     If there ever was a time when people needed to be deeply settled in the things which differ it is now. And Boyce Taylor, like T. T. Martin and J. W. Porter and I. N. Penick, will be valued far more highly twenty-five years after they are dead than ever while living! Many Evangelists and other general workers could do that very self same thing! What a blessing it would be to Mrs. Taylor and what a blessing it would be to the cause out through all the land!           A. D. MUSE, Evangelist,      2160 Nelson,      Memphis, Tenn.

     (Dr. H. Boyce Taylor was one of the ablest interpreters of Scripture doctrine produced by the generation of Baptists just before the present. His books are all worth reading and study. We feel sure Mrs. Taylor will be kept busy distributing them while they last. - Victor I. Masters, Editor, Western Recorder, August 7, 1941.)


[Document provided by Ben Stratton, Farmington, KY. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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