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A Gravemarker for H. B. Taylor

      Brother Taylor died May 31,1932, and was buried on a beautiful lot in the Murray Cemetery. As he took no thought for the morrow, nor laid up treasures on earth, his grave is yet unmarked.

      Friends of our dear Brother have taken in hand the work of erecting a fitting monument to his memory.

      We hereby extend to his many, many friends the opportunity and privilege of sharing in this token of esteem.

      All gifts will be acknowledged, and a careful record kept of same. We would prefer many small donations to a few larger ones.

      Make remittance to E. B. Holland, Treasurer,
Murray, Kentucky.

      H.E. Wall) -
      Nathan Lassiter) - Committee

[From Roy Beaman, editor, West Kentucky Bible School Voice, Volume I, Murray, KY, January 1933, p. 4.

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