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     The Hazard Baptist Institute was established in 1903 under the leadership of Asbel S. Petrey, who lived from 1866 to 1952. When he retired it was later led by Charles D. (C. D.) Stevens and closed in 1938.

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Diploma from Hazard (KY) Baptist Institute

Hazard Baptist Institute Building, 1932

[Documents provided by Paul Keith, Williams, Indiana. His father was a graduate.]


     The Baptist School at Hazard, Ky. has Bro. C. D. Stevens for its president and is a school where real Christian education is given through the grades, High School and Junior College. Boys and girls can go there for less money than any other school in the country.
[From H. Boyce Taylor, editor, News and Truths, October 22, 1930.]


Rev. Asbel S. Petrey

     Rev. Asbel S. Petrey was president of the Hazard Baptist Institute, founder of the Three Forks Baptist Association, one of four to found the Hazard Wholesale and Retail Hardware Company, and one of the leaders in the Baptist denomination in this part of the state, is one of the men of his cloth who has known how to combine religious faith with practical Christianity in such a manner as to exert a lasting influence on his community and win the approval and high regard of all with whom he is associated. He was born on a "farm at Boston, Whitley County, Kentucky, not far from Jellico, Tennessee, December 5, 1866, a son of Adam and Sentha (Monroe) Petrey and grandson of Samuel and Elizabeth (Bryant) Petrey.

[From W. E. Connelley and E. M. Coulter, History of Kentucky, Volume 5, 1922, p. 589. Document from Google Books on-line. - Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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