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A Brief Sketch of the Rise of the Baptists in the
Central and Western Parts of the State of New York

By John M. Peck and John Lawton, 1837

Early Baptists of New York
By Thomas Armitage, 1890

Early Baptists in New York
A History of the Baptists
By John T. Christian

History of the First Baptist History,
New York City, (1745-1845)

Baptist Memorial and Monthly Record, 1846
By S. H. Cone

Baptist Beginnings in Brooklyn
From "Seventy-fifth Anniversary Booklet", 1898

Napoleon and William Carey
Hudson River Baptist Association (NY)
An Address by W. R. Williams, D.D.
Baptist Reporter, 1843

Hudson River Baptist Association
Historical Report on the Churches

From the Minutes, 1845

Early Baptist Schools in New York State

Baptist Church History
By Rev. E. J. W. Buckland, Pastor
Calvary Baptist Church, New York City
The Madison Avenue Lectures, 1867

Fifth Avenue Baptist Church
New York City
Thomas Armitage, Pastor
The New York Times, June 8, 1874
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Deacon William Colgate
New York City Baptist
By George H. Hansell, 1899

Memoir of Rev. John Peck
Early New York Baptist Pastor
By Rev. George Eaton, D. D., 1851

Rev. Dr. John Dowling of the Baptist Church (NY)
By Matthew H. Smith, 1868

Hudson River Baptist Association Minutes, 1817-1819

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Cenntennial History of the Steuben Baptist Association (NY)
By Thomas W. Carter, 1917
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An Historical Sketch of the Baptist Missionary
Association of the State of New York

By John Peck, 1837
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A History of the Stanton Street Baptist Church, NYC
With a Sketch of its Pastors
, 1860
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History of Calvary Baptist Church, New York
Robert S. MacArthur, & Frank R. Morse, 1890
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A Jubilee Sermon: Containing A History of the
Origin of First Baptist Church, New York City
, 1813
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Brooklyn-Area Baptist Churches
Established in the 19th Century

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