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                        BAPTIST SCHOOLS IN NEW YORK STATE

Begun  	Location        School                         Denomination

1818 	Hamilton.	Baptist Literary and Theological Seminary 
1833.  			Hamilton Literary and Theological Institution 
1846.   		Madison University		

1846.   		Madison University Grammar School 
1873.   		Colgate Academy	(closed 1912)

1846.    		Theological Department of Madison University 
1853.    		Theological Seminary of Madison University 
1870.    		Hamilton Theological Seminary

1890.    		Colgate University	(disaffiliated ca. 1945)

1902.    Brooklyn,	Colgate Theological Seminary 

1907.                   Italian Department, Colgate Theological Seminary [remained in Brooklyn with exception of the 1918/1919 year (at Hamilton) until 1921 when it moved to Orange, N.J.]

1928.	Rochester.	Colgate Rochester Divinity School		
1961.   		Baptist Missionary Training School 
1970.   		Crozer Theological Seminary

1835.	Brockport.	Brockport Collegiate Institute	(transferred to state, 1866)
1835.	Alfred.		Alfred Select School 	[Seventh Day Baptist]
1857.			Alfred University	(last Baptist president 1945)
1871.   		Alfred University School of Theology	(closed 1963)

1837.	DeRuyter. 	DeRuyter Institute	[Seventh Day Baptist]
				(sold to public school district 1874)

1841.	Brookfield	Brookfield Academy	[Seventh Day Baptist]
				(converted to free public high school, 1876)

1841.	Clinton.	Clinton Seminary		 [Free Will Baptist]

1844.   Whitestown.	Whitestown Seminary
			[housed The Biblical School, 1844-1853] 
			[transferred to Presbyterians, ca 1880s]

1849. 	McGrawville.	New York Central College 	[abolitionist multiracial, coed] 
			(closed, 1861)		[American Baptist Free Mission Society]

1850. 	Rochester.	University of Rochester	(disaffiliated 1906)
1851.    		Grammar School of the University of Rochester	reorganized, 1854)

1850.  Rochester.	Rochester Theological Seminary
1858.			German Department of Rochester Theological Seminary
1928.   		German Baptist Seminary
1940.   		Rochester Baptist Seminary
1945.  			North American Baptist Seminary 
				(moved to Sioux Fate, S.D., 1949)
1928.   		Colgate Rochester Divinity School (see above)

1855.	Marion.	        Marion Collegiate Institute	(closed 1905?)
1857.	Petersburgh.	Petersburgh Academy,  (closed 1859)[Seventh Day Baptist]
1859.	Pike.		Pike Seminary		[Free Will Baptist]
			[transferred from Methodists to Free Will Baptists, 1859]
			(transferred to public school district, 1906)

1874.	Montour Falls.	Cook Academy	(closed ca. 1949; sold to Franciscans)
1888.	Keuka Park.	Keuka College	 [Free Will Baptist]


From American Baptist-Samuel Colgate Historical Library, 1106 South Goodman Street, Rochester, New York, 6.19.95

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