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Baptist Beginnings in Brooklyn
From "Seventy-fifth Anniversary Booklet", 1898
      The first notice of Baptist services in the Long Island Star, of Wednesday, January 12, 1820, was as follows: "The members of the Baptist Church, and the inhabitants of Brooklyn are respectfully informed that the subscriber has engaged a house opposite Mr. Hicks's, in Fulton Street, Brooklyn, for the purpose of holding Divine services on Lord's Day at half-past 10 o'clock in the morning, and in the evening at 6; also a lecture on Thursday evenings at 6 o'clock. - "John Ellis."

      This notice appeared in the Long Island Star, June 8, 1823: "On Sunday morning next, Divine service will be performed in the District School-house, by the Rev. Mr. Cone, of the Baptist Society, of Alexandria D. C.; service to commence at half-past ten o'clock."

      The names of the constituent members of the Church were as follows: Charles P. Jacobs, Richard Jones, Joshua Evans, Maria Cornell, Cynthia W. Jacobs, Sarah Quereau, Elizabeth Jacobs, Hannah Jones, Margaret Evans, Margaret Nostrand, Eliza Ann Rust.

      The first baptism occurred September 28, 1823, when, according to the Church records, "Rev. S. H. Cone preached at the water side at 2 P.M., and baptized sister Ann Bedle; then retired to the school-house where he brake bread to us."

      October 26th, Dr. Cone, at 2 P.M., baptized two others, "after which the Church assembled at the school-house where Brother Cone administered the Lord's Supper. A very refreshing season from the Lord."


[From Booklet of "Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the First Baptist Church in Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, N.Y.", 1898, on-line edition, p. 50. Scanned and formatted by Jim Dvuall.]

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