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The Early Mississippi Baptists
By A. H. Newman, 1894

Early Baptists in Mississippi
By J. M. Peck, 1846

Abstract History of the Mississippi
Baptist Association for 100 Years

By T. C. Shilling, 1908

History and Principles of Baptists
W. Carey Crane, Columbus, MS, 1845

Baptist Circular Letters from Mississippi
A Partial Index

Choctaw Baptist Association, MS, 1857
The Christian Repository

Mississippi Baptist History
By John T. Christian, 1926
A History of the Baptists

Churches of the Mississippi Association During 100 Years
When the Churches were Received into the Association.

History Repeats Itself
Mississippi Baptist Messenger
By Joe T. Odle

Meetings of Associations in Mississippi
The Baptist newspaper, 1870

Baptist Convention of Mississippi
The Baptist Argus, 1899

M. T. Martin
Early Mississippi Baptist

T. T. Martin, The Great Doctrinal Evangelist Passes
By A. D. Muse, 1939

Eld. Micajah Bennett
An Aged Mississippi Veteran Gone
The Baptist newspaper, 1875

History of Yalobusha Baptist Association (MS), 1835-1920
By J. B. Perry, Jr. & Mrs. John Rundle
A Link

Organization of a Colored Baptist Association
Sardis, Mississippi
The Baptist, 1870

Mississippi Baptist Association History
References to Slavery

First Baptist Church
Aberdeen, Mississippi
Resolutions on H. W. Holcombe, 1849

Baptist Church Communion
By Elder J. T. Freeman

First Baptist Church
Corinth, Mississippi

History of Central Baptist Church
Grenada, Mississippiaa.1

More Mississippi Baptist History
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