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Aberdeen Miss., 11 November, 1849.

      Bro. Graves:
      The following resolutions were adopted at the October Conference of the 1st Baptist church at this place, and ordered to be spread on the minutes, and a copy sent to you for publication in the Tennessee Baptist. In view of the long and intimate relationship existing between the Rev. William H. Holcombe and us, as Pastor and People, and of the late termination of that relationship. Be it

      Resolved, That while we admit the propriety of the course pursued by Bro. Holcombe in resigning the care of the church, we deeply regret the necessity that led to his separation from the church and his removal from our midst.

      Resolved, That having known him long and well, we cordially recommend him to the people, among whom his lot may be cast, and to the Denomination at large, as an humble and faithful minister of Christ, as a sound and able advocate of the Doctrines and ordinances of the church, and as a man of God thoroughly furnished to all good works.

      Resolved, That with him go our best wishes for his happiness, and for him our prayer to God shall be, "that utterance may be given unto him that he may open his mouth boldly to make known the mystery of the Gospel."

      The above is a true copy of the minutes.
      WM. A. DUNKLIN, Clerk.

      P.S. It might not be out of place to say that the pulpit so long and so ably filed by bro. Holcombe as pastor, will now be occupied by bro. S. L. Lattimore.

      The Alabama Baptist and the S. W. Baptist Chronicle will please copy.
W. A. D.

[From the Tennessee Baptist, January 17, 1850. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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