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Editor's note: The earliest original Minutes are too fragile for copying and scanning, so there is a short summary of the contents, if available. Beginning in 1816, some of the Circulars are posted.

Early 2019 - SBTS Archivist, Dr. Adam Winters, has digitized many of the fragile copies of the Long Run Association. Many of the summaries written earlier, have now been replaced with the Circulars in text-form, which are easier to read. Some of the writers do not give a title to their essay; so some of the titles are supplied by this editor.
There are presently 38 Circular Letters on this page. Please come back, there are more to be posted.
Long Run Baptist Association Circular Letters
By Jim Duvall

1803 - Twenty-three churches met in association. A short, one-paragraph Circular was written on Peace. There should be peace in a nation, family, neighborhood, and especially in a church or community of Christians. Author unknown. p. 2

1804 - The Circular was written by William Ford of Fox Run B. C. with James Dupuy of Tick Creek assisting. It is not available.

1805 - Written by Isaac Ellis of Buck Creek B. C. There were some amendments made and approved. This Circular is not available.

1806 - Written by William Ford of Fox Run B. C. Not available.

1807 - Written by Bro. McCoy. There was an Issac McCoy of Silver Creek and William McCoy of Buck Creek. The Importance of Prayer: the duty, as a means to brighten the Christian's armour, the tendency to neglect, "let us pray always with all prayer and supplication in the spirit..." (pp. 2-3)

1808 - The propriety and utility of an association of churches, written by a committee of Allen McGuire, William Keller, William McCoy, David Staniford and John Taylor. It is a half-page essay: An association "consists in the justness of the principles on which they associate, and the usefulness of the object pursued...." There were some amendments made and approved. (p. 2)

1809 - "We encourage you to search the Holy Scriptures ... these sacred pages are the only infallible criterion by which we can decide between truth and error..." (pp. 3-4) The Circular Letter was read and approved. Author not given.

1810 - Written by James Hayden of Rock Lick BC. First paragraph is an exhortation to Watch; second paragraph on Good Order; third paragraph is on Church Discipline. (p. 4)

1811 - Written by William Ford of Fox Run. An exhortation to know and teach doctrine; be an example in Christian living and promote personal humility. (pp. 6-8)

1812 - Written by John Scott of Twins B.C. Prayer: its duty, as a privilege, and a medium whereby God diffuses His blessings on the children of men. (pp. 3-4)

1813 - Written by James Green. The Resurrection of the Body. Many of their members had died since their last meeting, so he addressed them on this "important and interesting doctrine of the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ..."

1814 - Living and Dead Faith written by William Ford of Fox Run B. C. "It is abundantly evident from the scriptures, that men may notionally, and doctrinally, believe the truth of the gospel, and at the same time, be destitute of that faith in Christ, which accompanies salvation, and which is of the operation of God's Spirit...."

1815 - "Prayer" by John Jones of Burk's Branch B. C. (p. 3)

1816 - "Love" Written by James Ford (pp. 3-4)

1817 - Christian Connection and obeying the rules given by the Great Head of the church, by James Ford. (pp. 3-4)

1818 - An admonition against worldliness By Joseph Kellar of Beargrass Baptist Church

1819 - The Duty of Prayer by Robert Gailbreath of Beargrass B. C. (pp. 3-4)

1820 - Written by John Wells of Brashear's Creek B. C. The Cause of our Barreness and Unfruitfulness of Soul. (pp. 3-4)

1821 - A Consistent Gospel Ministry By George Waller of Buck Creek B.C. (pp. 5-8)

1822 - A Visible Gospel Church by Zacheus Carpenter of South Long Run B. C. (pp. 3-4)

1823 - "A Few Remarks on the Sin of Covetousness" By Silas Garrett, Chinowith's Run Baptist Church

1824 - A few of the privileges and favors blessed by the word of Revelation By Allen M'Guire of Sulpher Fork B. C. (pp. 3-4)

1825 - "Watchfulness" (pp. 3-4) The circular letter first written was called for and read, as also that written by brethren Allan and Voorhies. The first was rejected, by the casting vote of the Moderator. The letter written by brethren Allen and Voorhies was then adopted.

1826 - "Christian Affection" By John Holland of Plum Creek B. C. - (pp. 5-8)

1827 - Benjamin Allen of Harrod's Creek B. C. The CL was called for, read, and after some discussion adopted. It is not available.

1828 -
By John B. Curle of Long Run B. C.

1829 - Written by Robert Gailbreath of Fishpools B. C. [It is not preserved with the Minutes, which have been re-typed.]

1830 - The New Covenant or Kingdom of Christ. J. Dale of South Long Run B. C. (pp. 3-4)

1831 - George Waller of Buck Creek B. C. Our Association's Constitution "The Long Run Association, at her constitution held her creed to be true, because it expressed her views of the doctrine of the Bible; and notwithstanding all that is said to the contrary, from all that appears to us on the subject, opposition to the use of creeds, arises, first, from disagreement with its subject matter, and second, a disposition to put all others down, and so make room for another new [view], and diverse from all others...." (pp. 2-4)

1834 - "Watchfulness" by John Dale (pp.3-4)

1835 - On Self-Examination By John Holland, Salem Baptist Church (pp. 2-4)

1838 - An Exhortation By W. C. Buck, Louisville B. C. (pp. 3-4)

1839 - Short histories of the association's churches written by Rockwell Giddings of Shelbyville B. C. (pp. 4-7)

1840 - A Condensed View of the Churches as Reported in Their Letters (pp. 6-8)

1841 - "The Nature and Design of an Association, as a part of the Ecclesiastical Organization of the Baptist Denomination."

1843 - Christian Charity By Elder A. G. Curry, Shelbyville Baptist Church (p. 2)

1843 - A Summary of the Church Letters, 1843 (pp.11-13)

1844 - Systematic Benevolence by T. S. Malcolm (pp. 8-9)

1845 - The Issue of Slavery by Elder A. D. Sears + Corresponding Letter pp. 9-11

1846 - On the Qualifications and Duties of Deacons by Elder W. W. Gardner of Shelbyville B. C., pp. 6-8.

1847 - Wm. P. Barnett - The Mutual Duties of Ministers and Churches.

1848 - W. C. Buck was appointed to write the Circular, instead a summary of the churches' letters to the association was given under an appendix.

1849 - D. N. Porter, "Circular called for, but none presented, brother Porter being absent." (A note in the minutes: "Resolved, That the churches be requested to state in their letters, hereafter, the numbers respectively of white and colored members; also the ordained ministers and licentiates that belong to their number." p. 6.) A Corresponding Letter was written.

1850 - Elder W. F. Broaddus of Shelbyville - Christian Character - pp. 6-7.

1851 - Elder G. R. LePage of Taylorville - An exhortation to honor Christ, pp. 6-7.

1852 - Elder Smith Thomas of Simpsonville - The Importance of Attending Church Services

1853 - Christian ResponsibilityElder Andrew Broaddus of Pleasant Grove, Jefferson County

1854 - Missing.

1855 - "Systematic Benevolence"

1856 - The Spiritual Character of a Church

1857 - "Election Stated and Defended" - By Elder Thomas M. Vaughan of Burk's Branch Baptist Church.

1858 - "The Obligation of the Sabbath" - pp. 5-7. By Elder A. B. Knight

1859 - "The Nature and Design of an Association, as a part of the Ecclesiastical Organization of the Baptist Denomination." "The report of the Committee on the Circular Letter called for, and Committee responded that they were not aware of their appointment in time to prepare a Circular, and asked to be excused, which was granted. Whereupon, after the reading of the Circular Letter of 1841, it was moved that it be adopted as the Circular Letter for this year.

1860 - Elder J. W. Goodman - The Circular Letter was called for, and the writer, J. W. Goodman, reported not prepared, and was excused by the Association from the duty.

1861 - The Duties of Christians in the Present Crisis - B. F. Hungerford - An impassioned plea soon after the beginning of the Civil War.

1862 - A. B. Knight appointed - No Letter.

1863 - An Abstract of Churches' Letters. No Circular Letter.

1864 - Personal Piety. Written by S. Vannatta - near the end of the Civil War.

1865 - The Duties of the Hour. By Elder J. M. Weaver - A plea to help rebuild after the war.

1866 - Rev. T. M. Vaughan - "The Circular Letter was called for, but T. M. Vaughan having failed to prepare it, on motion, was excused. The clerk was appointed to prepare an abstract of Churches' Letters as a substitute."

1867 - Rev. Smith Thomas, and Rev. T. M. Vaughan, as alternate. No Letter printed. - "Committee on circular letter made their report and on motion the circular letter with the report was laid on the table indefinitely.

On motion, it was agreed that the appointment to write circular letter, and alternate should be made by public nomination."

1868 - Qualifications for Pastoral Office. Rev. W. E. Powers was chosen to write the letter.

1869 - The Importance of Intercommunication Among Our Associational Churches. By J. H. Spencer


[From the Long Run Baptist Association Minutes; from the original documents at Southern Baptist Seminary Library, Archives and Special Collections, Louisville, KY. -- Later (2019), many are from on-line digital documents posted by Adam Winters, Arcivist. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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