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[There was no Circular Letter that year]

Long Run Association to Corresponding Associations

      DEAR BRETHREN: - Through the tender mercies of our God, we are spared to enjoy another annual meeting, when it becomes our duty once more to address you by letter and messengers. Many of our churches complain of great coldness. Some however send us the soul cheering intelligence of precious revivals. We are doing something for the spread of the Gospel, but very little compared with our ability. Oh that we could all feel more deeply the responsibility that rests upon us, to let our light shine, that others seeing our good works, may glorify our Heavenly Father. We have had the pleasure of enjoying at this meeting, the company of our dear brother Roberts, missionary to China. May God preserve his life, and make him abundantly useful in winning the millions of China to the worship of the true God.

      Our next session will be held at Bethel, (Clay Village,) 1st Friday in September, 1850. There we hope again to confer with you by letter and messengers.
               W. C. BUCK, Moderator.
     W. F. BROADDUS, Clerk

[From Long Run Association Minutes; via the internet - Southern Baptist Seminary Library, Archives and Special Collections, Louisville, KY; from on-line digital documents posted by Adam Winters, Arcivist. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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