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Former Spiritual Giants in Western Kentucky
News & Truths, 1931
By H. Boyce Taylor
      "Forty-five or more years ago Judson Taylor (a brother of the Editor's father) read an essay before the Baptist preachers of West Kentucky and West Tennessee on 'Religious Liberalism.' At that time Judson Taylor was pastor in Clinton or Fulton (he pastored both churches) and my father, W. C. Taylor, was pastor in Mayfield. 'There were giants in the earth in those days.' Those were the days of the stalwarts among West Kentucky Baptists. Baptists carried a chip on their shoulders then: now they carry a sugar-teat in their vanity case or compact. Among the giants of those days were J. B. Moody, J. N. Hall, J. H. Milburn, G. L. Ellis, R. W. Mahan, W. F. Lowe, T. H. Pettit, Judson Taylor, W. C. Taylor, and others."

[From H. B. Taylor, editor, the News and Truths, 1931. Document from Ben Stratton. Formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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