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Nelson County Baptist History
Nelson Baptist Association
A Short History - Centennial Celebration
Cox's Creek, Kentucky, 1849-1948

The Circular Letter, 1811
Salem Association of Baptists
Held at Lick Creek BC, Nelson, Couty, KY
Atkinson Hill, Composer

History of Bloomfield Baptist Church
By Rev. W. P. Harvey, 1920
Two Hundredth Anniversary

History of Cox's Creek Baptist Church
Nelson County, KY
Written on the Occasion of the
One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of Its Constitution
By Ray H. Wright and Elsie Southwood Wright, 1935

A Short History of the First Cedar Creek Baptist Church
Bardstown, Kentucky
By J. D. Herndon, 1982

The First Cedar Creek Baptist Church
Nelson County
By Bob Compton

Year Book of Little Union Baptist Church
Fairfield, Ky.

History of the New Salem Baptist Church
Nelson County, Kentucky
By W. O. Carver

Preston Burr Samuels
Early Nelson County Baptist Pastor
By J. H. Spencer

Kentucky Baptist Histories
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