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First Baptist Church, Lexington, Kentucky

Early Civil Records

Town Fork - The Forerunner of
First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church
Lexington, Kentucky
By Frank M. Masters, 1953

First Baptist Church, 1822
A Query sent to the Elkhorn Baptist Association
Relating to Baptism & Ordaining a Black Minister

First Baptist Church, Lexington, KY
Building Burned Twice
By J. S. Coleman, 1867

Bio. of Pastor Wm. Pratt

William M. Pratt, FBC
Activities in Elkhorn Association

Elkhorn Association Circular Letter, 1863
Written by William M. Pratt
FBC, Pastor

The Early Baptist Churches of Kentucky
By Wm. M. Pratt, D. D.

Info on George Ragland
FBC, Pastor

More Kentucky Baptist Church History
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