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     Note: Pastor Pratt was listed in all the years mentioned in this history. Every year of the association was not covered.

William M. Pratt, FBC
Activities in Elkhorn Association
By Jim Duvall

1847 - The Circular Letter was read by W. M. Pratt and adopted by the body.

1848 - Introductory Sermon by W. M. Pratt, Isaiah ii:2, 5.

1849 - Wm. M. Pratt was elected Clerk.

1852 - Introductory Sermon by Elder W. M. Pratt, Isaiah xxxv:8, 10. W. M. Pratt was appointed to preach at next association on "Personal Piety."

1853 - W. M. Pratt was elected Clerk. Elders Pratt and two other ministers were appointed to devise a "plan for obtaining and circulating in the bounds of the Association religious books and tracts of a doctrinal. and practical character." The committee recommended the appointment of a central committee * * * "to originate a depository, to procure the right sort of books, and to superintend their circulation and sale."

1854 - Wm. M. Pratt was elected Clerk.

1855 - W. M. Pratt was elected Clerk.

1856 - Introductory Sermon was preached by Elder Wm. M. Pratt, from S. S. [Song of Solomon] vii:10-12. He was eleccted clerk of the association that year.

1857 - Elder W. M. Pratt was elected Clerk.

1858 - On Motion of Elder Pratt it was unanimously resolved "to hold a mass meeting in Lexington commencing on Tuesday, the 6th of October next, for mutual edification and consultation upon what, under the blessing of God, will promote the spirituality and efficiency of the churches, develop their latent talents and the extension of the principles we hold as most sacred and dear to us."

1860 & 1861 - Pratt was elected Clerk.

1862 - "Preaching at the stand" by Pratt and several other ministers. Pratt and five other ministers were appointed to represent this body in the General Association at its approaching annual meeting in Frankfort.

1863 - Pratt was elected Clerk.

1864 - Introductory sermon by Elder W. M. Pratt. on II Corinthians i:12. Pratt was elected Clerk.

1865 - A committee composed of W. M. Pratt and two other ministries was appointed "to draft resolutions, to be spread upon our minutes, expressive of our high estimation of the character and usefulnes of Rev. D. R. Campbell, L.L D., so recently deceased, and of our sadness because of his death."

1866 - Elder W. M. Pratt was elected Clerk.

1867 - Elder W. M. Pratt was elected Clerk.

1870 - Preaching at the stand by Elder W. M. Pratt and two other ministers.

1877 - Introductory Sermon by W. M. Pratt, from Ex. xxxiii:14.

1881 - Preaching at the stand by Elder Pratt and another minister.

1882 - Resolved, That this Association heartily endorse the action of the last General Association, appointing a committee whose duty it should be to suggest a plan by which we may be able to make permanent provisions for aged and disabled ministers.
Resolved, That Bro. W. M. Pratt be invited to close the services of this afternoon with such remarks as he may deem appropriate to the occasion.

1883 - Dr. Pratt read the report of the special committee on the Centennial resolutions recommending, that besides the ordinary exercises of the Association and interwoven with them, the appointment of persons to prepare and present on the said anniversary addresses on the history of the Association upon the work of the Association and upon the deceased ministers of the Association; that persons be appointed to present a brief history of the churches that now belong or may have belonged to the Association, all of which shall be compiled under the title of "The Memorial Volume of the Elkhorn Association."


[From "History of the Elkhorn Association"]

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