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      Editor's note: Jesse L. Holman came to southern Indiana, directly across the Ohio River from Boone County, Kentucky, in the early 1800s. There were no other Baptist churches in his area, so he fellowshipped with the North Bend Baptist Association in northern Kentucky. Holman was a lawyer, as well a Baptist minister, and as we note below a hymn-writer. These hymn were included in Hymns, Psalms and Spiritual Songs, edited by Absalom Graves and published in 1825. As far as we know this was the first book published by a Boone Countyian. The first hymn was classified under the subject of Hymns and Psalms; it is on page 81 and was number 79 in the book. The "L. M." signifies it was to be sung in the lomg meter.
     The second hymn was classified under the subject of Church Meetings; it was on page 259 and was number 263. The "C. M." signifies it was to be sung in the common meter. - Jim Duvall

(page 81)

# 79 L. M. - J. L. Holman.

1 HO! all ye sons of sin and woe,
      All you who pain and sorrow know;
Hear what the Saviour has express'd,
      "Come unto me, I'll give you rest."

2 Ye trembling souls, who long have been
      The heavy-laden slaves of sin,
With guilt's tremendous weight oppress'd,
      "Come unto me, I'll give you rest."

3 Does wrath lie heavy on your soul?
      Do Sinai's thunders round you roll?
Is awful fear your only guest?
      "Come unto me, I'll give you rest."

4 Can you your guilt no longer bear?
      Has justice doom'd you to despair?
Have dismal horrors seiz'd your breast?
      "Come unto me, I'll give you rest."

5 Have you been laboring long in pain,
      And wept, and pray'd, and groan'd in vain,
And yet art wretched, yet unblest?
      "Come unto me, I'll give you rest."

6 Do you beneath afflictions groan?
      Has every earthly comfort flown?
Has Satan's rage your soul distress'd?
      "Come unto me, I'll give you rest."

7 Have you been templed far astray,
      And mourning seek the heavenly way,
While grief and shame your peace molest?
      "Come unto me, I'll give you rest."

8 We come, dear Jesus, draw us nigh;
      We come, O give us wings to fly;
We come to thee, thou dearest, best;
      We come, O Saviour! give us rest.


(page 259)

# 263. C. M. - J. L. Holman.

1 LORD, in thy presence here we meet,
      May we in thee be found;
O, make the place divinely sweet;
     O, let thy grace abound.

2 To-day the order of thy house
      We would in peace maintain;
We would renew our solemn vows,
      And heavenly strength regain.

3 Thy Spirit, gracious Lord, impart;
      Our faith and hope increase;
Display thy love in every heart,
      And keep us all in peace.

4 Let no discordant passions rise,
      To mar the work of love;
But hold us in those heavenly ties,
      That bind the saints above.

5 With harmony and union bless,
      That we may own to thee,
How good, how sweet, how pleasant 'tis
      When brethren all agree.

6 May Zion's good be kept in view,
      And bless our feeble aim,
That all we undertake to do,
      May glorify thy name.

7 May every heart be now prepar'd
      To do thy high commands,
And may the pleasure of the Lord
      Be prosper'd in our hands.

8 Of those who thy salvation know,
      Add to our feeble few;
And may that holy, number grow,
      Like drops of morning dew.

9 Work in us by thy gracious sway,
      And make thy work appear,
That all may feel, and all may say,
      The Lord indeed is here.


[Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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