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Early Baptist Missions in Europe
Persecution of the Baptists in Germany
The Baptist Report, 1843
Joseph F. Winks, Editor

Letter From Mr. Oncken
On the death of Mrs. Oncken
The Baptist Missionary Magazine, 1845

Baptist Missions in Germany
From the Tennessee Baptist, 1847

Mission News from Germany and France
The Tennessee Baptist, 1848

German Mission News, 1883
Baptist Missionary Magazine

The German Baptists
By Professor W. J. M'Glothlin, 1901

Fate of German Baptist Pastors
In Russian Volhynia

1929 - 1938
A Link

Baptist Churches in the North of France
The Baptist Magazine, 1829

Baptists in France
The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Record, 1845

Baptists in Denmark
The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Chronicle, 1842

London Correspondence Concerning
Baptist Missionary Efforts

The Baptist newspaper, 1867

The Baptist Message in Europe
By Rev. J. H. Shakespeare, M.A., 1911

Baptists in Europe
Baptist and Reflector
E. E. Folk, D.D., Editor, 1911

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