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Baptists in France
The Baptist Memorial and Monthly Record, 1845
      Mr. Jenkins writes: I was very desirous of knowing something about the few Baptists which are in France. What I have been able to learn about them is very little. Mr. Poulain, the evangelist supported by the Societe Evangelique at Boulogne, is a Baptist. It appears he is a pious man, and a good preacher. He is highly spoken of by many. He knows a good deal about the Baptists which are about Lisle, in the north of France, as it appears he is from that part of the country, and was brought to the knowledge of the Saviour among them. From what he told me it would appear that there was, some years ago, a cheering prospect in that part, and that much good was done, but that owing to dissensions, and the want of proper persons to direct them, their present state is not flourishing. It appears also that there are about half a dozen faithful Baptists in Calais, but the English there are for the most part practical infidels.
     Rev. J. Tinson.

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