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From the Tennessee Baptist, 1847
      The brethren in Germany, acting in concert with our devoted friend Oncken, are laboring not only with their usual zeal and self-denial, but, with the divine blessing, with their former success, and never since the commencement of this holy and scriptural movement did things wear a more encouraging aspect. The following extracts from letters just received from him (says the London Primitive Church Magazine) will greatly delight and animate the friends of the Redeemer. He says:
"Our field of labor is rapidly widening in every direction, and almost every week the cry is heard, 'come over and help us.' At six different places in Hesse Cassel and Bladen, there are at present different converts wishing to obey the Lord's command, enjoined on all who believe, upon their entrance into his visible kingdom. I am just on the point of requesting our devoted brother Carl Steinhoff to repair to that interesting scene, and gather in the fruit so abundantly given us of the Lord. I intended to visit some of those parts myself. but as our new chapel will not be ready before the close of June, I must defer the tour I had intended to take into the south till our building is completed. In Hanover, Leipsic, Detwold, Mecklenburgh, Holstein, and various other parts, we have the prospect of new accessions. Brother Lange has but lately returned from Hanover and Detwold, having baptized five converts; since then another disciple has been immersed here, (Hamburgh.)

Others are waiting the return of brother Lange, and he will start again in a few days to visit the brethren scattered over that district, and other converts. On his last tour he was greatly encouraged, and expects still greater things on his next. The Lord is at work, and great and effectual doors are opening before us. At Elberfield, where the well known author of Elijah the Tishbite lives, and whither one of our brethren had travelled, a descendant of Abraham and several believers have become convinced of the truth of "our principles, snd only wait my arrival amongst them to follow their Lord in the ordinance of baptism. I intend to visit this place in my proposed tour to the south, and if God blesses our efforts there, we may expect glorious results, not having there to contend with so many doctrinal errors as exist in other parts of Germany.

From Prussian Poland I have also received most glowing accounts. Three Polish tracts have left the press and are in extensive circulation. My visit at Allenstein last summer has not been in vain. One person has been immersed, though the priests were in a rage against the efforts of our brethren, they appear to cherish the firm hope that they will soon be crowned with complete success. Among the Mennonites on the Vistula, whom I visited last summer, the truth has obtained another victory. A preacher with whom I lodged, a very dear brother, has, after a severe conflict, left that body and has been baptized at Elbing. We trust that this important accession to us will be attended with glorious results to the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ, in those parts.

At Hamburgh, the Lord is overwhelming us with the displays of his grace and power in the conversion of sinners. About twenty precious souls have been added to us since January, and during the past and present week, seven hopeful characters have applied for baptism, among whom is a prison-keeper and his wife. Two of their children also appear to be much interested in the truth; to which they listen with great delight. Oh for a heart to adore and love the Saviour for all these manifestations of his rich grace! May the love of Christ constrain us to devote ourselves unreservedly to his cause. He has been, and still is blessing us abundantly. My dear brother, pray for us that we may be kept humble, for when our pride prevails the blessing is suspended."

      The place of worship for the use of the church at Hamburgh is proceeding very nicely - every thing looks favorably. Not the least obstacle is offered to the undertaking in high places. It would seem, however, that L150 will be needed to meet the demands in carrying out this object by June next, and we cannot doubt that many friends of the cause in this country will come forward and lend a helping hand to a case of such a delightful and promising nature. In his usual spirit of faith and confidence, Mr. Oncken says, I have just received L25 from a dear friend m Glasgow, and the remainder I am sure the Lord will provide. Few of our missionary movements appear such unequivocal of the Saviour's benediction. May he continue these showers of blessings.

[From R. B. C. Howell and J. R. Graves, editors, Tennessee Baptist, Nashville, July 10, 1847; CD edition. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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