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David Barrow
Pioneer Baptist Minister
A Summary of his life

      This one item collection is a transcript of a diary written by pioneer Baptist minister, David Barrow, on his travels from Virginia to Kentucky, Ohio, and North Carolina in 1795. Barrow's relative, Thomas Marshall Barrow, transcribed the diary in 1938. David Barrow began his journey in the Richmond, Virginia area, passing through the Blue Ridge Mountains to Fort Pitt (Pittsburgh) and down the Ohio River to Limestone (Maysville), Kentucky. From Limestone, Barrow journeyed toward Lexington, passing through Blue Licks where he saw the remains of a mammoth (which he calls an elephant) found when a spring nearby was opened. He also visited Scott, Franklin, Shelby, Jefferson, Woodford, Mercer, Madison, and Lincoln Counties in Kentucky; Columbia, Greenville, and Cincinnati in Ohio; and Surrey County, North Carolina. Barrow preached along the way and listed in the diary Bible passages from which he read. One entry, written at Greenville, is a long and very interesting commentary on the cruel treatment of Indians by whites. Barrow also makes anti-slavery remarks in the diary. He describes some flora and fauna of the region and comments about the people and the land.


[From the Kentucky Historical Society website. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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