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R. L. Vaughn

Some online Baptist history documents resources, in “random order”:

Works by, about or associated with William Carey
A Public Address to the Baptist Society by Daniel Parker
Thoughts on Missions by John Taylor (1819)
Black Rock Address (1832)

Did They Dip? by John T. Christian
A Welsh Succession of Primitive Baptist Faith and Practice by Michael N. Ivey
A Critique of the English Separatist Descent Theory in Baptist Historiography by Philip R. Bryan
A Vindication of the Continued Succession of the Primitive Church of Jesus Christ (Now Scandalously Termed AnaBaptists) From the Apostles to the Present Time by John Spittlehouse & John More
Anabaptist Primary Documents
Critical Issues Relating to the Origin of the Baptists by Philip R. Bryan
The Kiffin Manuscript (c. 1640)

History of Landmark Baptists of California
Baptist Annals of Oregon

Faith and Practice
Notes on the Principles and Practices of Baptist Churches by Francis Wayland
Remarks on Church Discipline by Daniel Parker
What is it to Eat and Drink Unworthily? by J. R. Graves
Baptized In The Spirit by B. H. Carroll
The Anabaptist View of the Church by T. D. Williams
A Short Treatise Concerning a True and Orderly Gospel Church (1743)

The Old School Particular Baptist Library
History of Clear Creek Church, and Campbellism Exposed by John Taylor
Exposition of the Views of Baptists, Relative to the Coloured Population in the United States by Richard Furman
The writings of the late Elder John Leland: including some events in his life (Google books)
The writings of the late Elder John Leland: including some events in his life (
The McPherson-Bogard Debate on “Miraculous Divine Healing”
From “Funnymentalist” to friend: the evolving relationship of Ben M. Bogard and J. Frank Norris
Plan of Union between Separate Baptists and Regular Baptists (1801)
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[From R. L. Vaughn, 02/29/2012. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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