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Rev. T. L. Utz

      Rev. T. L. (Tandy Lee) Utz was born December 15, 1856 in Boone County, Kentucky. His parents were Absalom Jefferson Utz and Susan Tanner Utz. Rev. Utz married Carrie Elizabeth Johnson on November 13,1879. To this union a son and a daughter were born. Carrie Elizabeth died December 11, 1888. On May 7, 1891, Rev. Utz married Carrie Pearl Pearson, and to this union a son and a daughter were born.

     Rev. Utz spent his early life in the Big Bone Church neighborhood and became a member of that church. In 1883 he was elected clerk of Big Bone Baptist Church. In February, 1888, Big Bone Baptist Church granted a license to Rev. T. L. Utz, O. M. Huey, and S. M. Adams to preach the gospel. Rev. Utz was called to preach at East Bend Church in Boone County. On January 25, 1889, he was ordained as a minister of the gospel at Big Bone Baptist Church.

      In 1890 he was called to Burlington Baptist Church as their pastor. During his pastorate at Burlington, he preached at other neighboring churches on alternate Sundays. He was pastor of Florence Baptist Church in 1891 at the same time as Burlington.

      Messengers were sent to the North Band Association in 1894. It was held at Bullittsburg Baptist Church and our messengers were R. S. Cowen, Thomas D. Goodridge, James Kelly, Samuel Hall, and John Roberts. Rev. T. L. Utz was appointed an alternate delegate from the association to attend the Southern Baptist convention. Rev. Utz gave the report on the Baptist Orphans Home at the meeting, and he helped to prepare the minutes of the associational meeting for the press. R. S. Cowen and James Kelly represented Burlington on the Executive Board of the association. Burlington reported 19 baptisms and a total of 94 members. The pastor's salary and church expenses were $300.00. Forty dollars was given for missions and $17.00 for the Orphans Home. A Centennial Day for Bullittsburg Baptist Church was observed at the meeting, and a 100-year history of the church was added to the minutes.

      In 1895, Rev. Utz preached the annual sermon on missions at the North Bend Association held at Walton Baptist Church.

      Rev. Utz served as pastor of Burlington Baptist Church until 1896. After he left Burlington, he continued to pastor other local churches.

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      In 1897, he conducted a series of meetings at East Bend and Belleview with great acceptance and several additions to the churches.

      In 1898, he preached at Sand Run on the first Sunday of the month, at Belleview on the second and fourth Sundays, and at East Bend on the third Sunday of the month.

      The Sunday School Union of Boone County, Kentucky's annual convention was held in Burlington on Thursday, July 21, 1898. Rev. T. L. Utz gave the message on "How to Develop Church Love in Sunday School." He continued preaching in local churches for a total of 19 years. Rev. T. L. Utz went to be with the Lord on August 12, 1908.


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