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The First Baptist Church
Charleston, SC

American Baptist Memorial
By Basil Manly, 1856

Rules for the Admission of Members into the
Baptist Church in Charleston, 1828

Christian's A History of the Baptists

Record Baptisms In 1857
Beaufort Baptist Church, S.C.
By Ben Stratton

Welsh Neck Baptist Church, SC
By Leah Townsend, 1935

Sketches of the Churches of the
Broad River Association - (SC & NC)

By John R. Logan, 1887

South Carolina Baptist Notes
Baptist and Reflector, 1900

The South Carolina Baptist Convention, 1909
By Z. T. Cody
From The Baptist World

Conneross Baptist Church
Oconee County, SC

The Jordania Baptist Church
In Beaverdam Association, South Carolina

A Church Dedication Service
By James Petigru Boyce in 1859
Columbia, South Carolina

“Disordered and Confused”: How South Carolina
Baptists Responded to the Flu Pandemic of 1918

By Josh Powell

Oliver Hart
Early Baptist Pastor, FBC

Francis Pelot
Early South Carolina Baptist Minister

Baptist History Homepage