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Wendell Holmes Rone, Sr.
Short Autobiography, 1961
      Born on August 17, 1913, at Rochester, Butler County, Kentucky. Son of Jake and Isa Carey Taylor Rone.

      Lineal descendant (through mother) of the Taylor family which has contributed, by the grace of God, over twenty men to the Baptist ministry, beginning with Joseph Taylor, ordained prior to 1804, and including: Alfred, Judson, William Carey, Sr., James Pendleton (the author's grandfather), H. Boyce, William Carey, Jr., Carson, Stephen, Burrell, Alfred S., Richard P., Ed, Kelly, Hardee, T. R., and many others, who have served all over the Southern Baptist Convention, one in a foreign land.

     Graduate of Livermore High School, Livermore, Kentucky (1931). Th.M. Certificate, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky (1939). A.B.,* Murray State College, Murray, Kentucky (1950). B.D. (1950) and Th.M. (1951), Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky.

      Married Beulah Lee Kirtley, daughter of Annie Alexander and Ernest Kirtley, on June 30, 1934. Three children: Wendell Holmes, Jr. (1938); Ila Faye (1941); and Kyle Yates (1943).

      Licensed by Hall Street Baptist Church, Owensboro, Kentucky, July, 1936; Ordained to the Gospel Ministry by the same church (March 28, 1937). Has served the following churches: Hopewell, Macedonia, Curdsville, Pleasant Grove, and Utica, in Daviess County, Kentucky; Seven Hills, Owensboro, Kentucky; First Baptist Church, Newport, Kentucky; Memorial Baptist Church, Murray, Kentucky; First Baptist Church, Middlesboro, Kentucky; East Baptist Church, Paducah, Kentucky; Bellevue Baptist Church, Owensboro, Kentucky.

     Daviess-McLean Baptist Association (1943-1944) and Bell County Baptist Association (1953-1956), in Kentucky. Assistant Moderator: General Association Of Baptists in Kentucky (1952). Moderator: Kentucky Baptist Minister's Meeting (1955-1956). Member: Baptist State Board Of Missions in Kentucky (1941-1945 and 1949-1956); on Executive Committee (1955-1956). Former Moderator of Kentucky Baptist Moderator's Meeting. Member: Board Of Managers, The Western Recorder (1952- ). Member: Executive Committee, Southern Baptist Hsiorical Society (1946-1951).

      A History Of The Daviess-McLean Baptist Association (1844-1943) (in Kentucky), (Owensboro: Messenger Job Printing Co., 1943; The New Birth (a pamphlet - 1944); Justification by Faith (a pamphlet - 1944); The Differences Between Baptists and Catholics (Private Printing - 1945); The Baptist Faith and Roman Catholicism (Kingsport: Kingsport Press, 1952), Rev. and Enl. Ed.; Southern Baptists And The Concept Of A Catholic (Universal) Church (Paducah Printing Company, 1959); Believer's Immersion And The Lord's Supper (Progress Co., Owensboro, 1961).

     * Graduated with High Distinction.


[From Wendell Holmes Rone, Sr. Believers's Immersion and the Lord's Supper, 1961. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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