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     Editor's note: Original Minutes of the Columbus Regular Baptist Association are available from 1838 to 1885. A History of the Columbus Baptist Asssociation, from its Organization to 1837: with Sketch of Early Ministers and Churches, written by Rev. Jacob Drake, a pastor and the first Moderator of the association. He gives a summary of each year's Minutes and lists the subject and author of the early circular letters. He occasionally gives additional information and his record is used for the first part of this index. Drake's portion of the history was edited by Rev. D. A. Randall, who then wrote the remaining part of the history, at the request of the Association, and published it in the Minutes of 1859 to 1861.
     That document will be posted on this site later. The copying was difficult and much of it will need to be re-typed. - Jim Duvall

Columbus Regular Baptist Association (OH)
Circular Letters Index

1818 - The year of constitution, no Circular.

1819 - The Circular Letter title was "Armenianism [Arminianism] and Antonomianism [Antinomianism] Contrasted" by Bro. J. McLeod.
     Jacob Drake described it: "The Armenian [sic] says that all men have grace - that there is no election to salvation - that regeneration is the act of the creature - that those who are born again may fall away, and finally perish. The Antinomian says that the Moral Law is not binding - that man cannot act, but is acted upon - that the gospel does not require of sinners to repent and believe - that believers need not fear, either their own sin or the sin of others - they are not bound to confess and to pray for forgiveness - that sanctification is not evidence of justification. But what says Biblicism? That grace and holiness are identified, like cause and effect - that all men are destitute of grace or holiness - dead in trespasses and in sin - that the Moral Law is binding - that there is an election of grace - that sinners are required to repent and believe the gospel - that regeneration is an act of sovereign grace - that believers are justified by their union to Christ, the livng vine, and that sanctification is the evidence - that all such shall be saved - that good works originate in grace, or a holy principle. The letter is carried with the practical bearings, or improvement of the above doctrinal summary, with pious reflections, affectionate, exhortations and encouragments."

1820 - "The Education and Bringing up of Children" by J. McLeod.

1821 - Church Discipline by Jacob Drake.

1822 - Support of the Christian Ministry - James Easton

1823 - "Watchfulness" by Bro. A. Goodwin.

1824 - Brotherly Love by Eli Ashbrook.

1825 - Worldly Mindedness by Joseph H. Dent.

1826 - Faith and Good Works, by G. Jefferies.

1827 - Love of God by G. Jefferies.

1828 - "Benevolent Institutions Owned of God" by Br. J. McLeod.

1829 - "Christian Activity" by James Berry.

1830 - "Watchfulness" by Jame Easton.

1831 - "Contending for the Faith Against Error" by Br. A. Darrow.

1832 - "Godly Zeal" by James Berry.

1833 - "The Jurisdiction and Advantages of an Association" by Jacob Drake of Berlin BC, Delaware Co., pp 7-11.

1834 - "Remarks on Cultivating Piety," by H. Gear of Newark, Licking Co. This circular has special reference to Chrisitans in a newly-settled country; pointing out their dangers and duties, and urging the importance of immediate union with some church. pp. 6-8

1835 - Prof. P. Carter, who was appointed to write said letter, being absent, no letter present. On motion Resolved that Elder Jacob Drake and bro. James Easton be appointed a committee to prepare a Circular Letter, to be inserted in the minutes of the Association. The Letter was on "The Mischievious Innovations, Wrongly Christened, Reformations of the Age." An exhortation concerning "new changes" in doctrine, especially as they relate to the ordinances. pp. 6-8.

1836 - Br. H. Carr was appointed to write the letter and was absent. A Darrow was appointed in his place, the title was "The Causes and Evils of Declension, and the Means of Recovery."

1837 - "The Importance of Giving the Bible to the Heathen" by Bro. J. McLeod.

1838 - "The Support of the Christain Ministry" by Bro. T. R. Cressy.

1839 - No Circular Letter was submitted. Abstract of church letters given. pp. 6-8.

1840 - "Object and Means of Baptist Associations" by Dr. Jonathan Going, pp. 10-15.

1841 - "The Light of the World" by Prof. John Stephens, pp. 11-15.

1842 - "The Gospel Ministry - Its Importance, its Qualifications and Duties" - Appointed John Stephens the writer, and George Cole and O. N. Sage a committee on the Circular Letter. - pp. 10-16.

1843 - "Duties of the Christian's Life," by D. E. Thomas of Newark BC, one remark amended and approved. pp. 15-19

1844 - "The Claims of our State Convention," by E. Turney of Granville BC, pp. 14-16.

1845 - By D. Eldridge - of Columbus BC on "Certain Things Essential to Efficiency in the Ministry," pp. 12-16. The committee on the Circular Letter reported, and said letter, prepared by D. Eldridge, was called for and read, and on motion to receive and adopt the same, remarks were made respecting the length of said letter, and on motion of Bro. Turney, an amendment was offered to the motion before the Association, to re-commit said letter to the committee thereon with instruction to abridge the same, to be published in the minutes of the association under their direction.

1846 - "The Duty of Churches to Young Converts," by P. Kelsey, pp. 11-13.

1847 - "The Causes of the Great Spiritual Declension", by Elder T. G. Lamb, pp. 10-12.

1848 - The subject is "The Home Missionary Field of the Columbus Association." by J. L. Batchelder, pp. 10-16

1849 - "The Nature and Importance of Spiritual Mindedness," by S. Bailey, pp. 12-15

1850 - "Spiritual Piety and a World Lying in Wickedness" by H. S. Gillet, pp. 11-15.

1851 - Christian Consecration by D. D. Walden, pp. 11-15.

1852 - Remember the Sabbath Day by H. Carr, pp. 13-15.

1853 - The Importance of Pastoral Relation, and Some of the Duties of Church Members to their Pastors, D. A. Randall.

1854 - The Work of the Church, by W. S. Roberts, pp. 12-15.

1855 - The Means by Which the Desired Operations of the Spirit of God May be Secured, by H. Davis.

1856 - An Injunction to Faithfulness in One Department - of Church Discipline by Br. J. R. Downer, pp. 11-14.

1857 - The Importance and Method of Studying the Holy Scriptures by R. B. Dickie.

1858 - Labor has its Rewards by F. O. Marsh.

1859 - "A History of Columbus Baptist Association from its Organization to 1837" by Rev. Jacob Drake.

1860 - "A History of Columbus Baptist Association from its Organization from 1838 to 1857" by D. A. Randall

1861 - Conclusion of "A History of Columbus Baptist Association" by D. A. Randall.

1862 - "The Importance of a Deeper Tone of Spirituality" by O. Allen of Columbus BC.

1863 - "The Comparative Claims of Charity and Conscience" by Walter N. Wyeth.

1864 - "Christian Integrity" by M. Stone - pp. 10-14.

1865 - An Essay adopted as the Circular Letter - "On the Obligation of the Church to Sustain the Ministry, and the Best Plan to Accomplish the Project" by B. Leonard, pp. 9-14.

1866 - Bro. J. Stevens having failed to prepare a Circular Letter the Committe present[ed] one prepared by Bro. M. Stone on "The Condition and Prospects of the Rural Districts of our State" p. 5-7.

1867 - A General Exhortation to holy living, observing the Sabbath and looking after the young people and missions. Author not listed.

1868 - "A History of Liberty Baptist Church," by J. W. Price, church clerk, pp. 14-15; and "A History of the Welsh Hills Baptist Church" by Thomas D. Price, church clerk, pp. 15-16.

1869 - An Essay was adopted: "The Pastor's Work in the Sabbath school" by Rev. J. C. Fernald, pp. 11-18.

1870 - An address on "The Sunday School Teacher's Half Hour and What to do With it," pp. 9-18.

1871 - "A Brief History of the Granville Baptist Church for the Forty-nine Years of its Existence, June 6, 1819 to June 6, 1868."


[From Columbus Baptist Association Minutes. These records are in a bound volume at the Denison University Library, Special Collections and Archives, Granville, OH. Used with permission. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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