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Roy Mason Letter to H. B. Taylor
News and Truth, 1930
Hertford, N. C.
Sept. 2, 1930

     Dear Bro. Taylor: Am up here in N. C. holding some meetings. Am in a meeting with Bro. Butler and will be with Bro. Cale with whom you have been associated in meetings in the past. Great crowds are attending so far. Remember our meetings in prayer.

     Your card requesting book, "After Conversion" be sent to Bro. Cox was forwarded. I am sorry to say that this book is now entirely out of print.

     Have recently located in Plant City. Lots of country churches in that section. Many young preachers doing part time pastroral work who can't go to a seminary. About twenty have gotten together and have come to Bro. D. F. Sebastian and myself proposing a Bible School something after the pattern of your school. We are planning to open such the Lord willing. That section of Florida is much less loose doctrinally than most of the state and I believe that the young men are as open to the Truth as any West Ky. men. I believe that the Lord is leading in the matter, and it is my hope and prayer that we may come to have a great group of staunch New Testament type preachers who will stand for the Word in south Florida.

     Bro. Sebastian, with whom you are acquainted, is doing a fine work at Plant City. He preaches the Truth as few men of this day.

     May the Lord give you a fine opening for your school and may you have strength and grace for the many tasks that come to you. - Cordially yours.

Roy Mason

[From News and Truths, 1930. Document provided by Ben Stratton. - Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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