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Mt. Zion Baptist Church
Warsaw, Kentucky

A meeting was held at the Mt. Zion Church of Warsaw, Kentucky, October 18, 1942, with Rev. A. J. Nelson, Moderator, and the Rev. C. Smith, pastor of the white Baptist church, as witness. The officers and members of the Predestinarian faith, of this church, declared themselves by a unanimous vote as no longer members of that body, and accepted the Missionary Baptist Faith and Doctrine. On the following Sunday, October 25, they were baptized at the Second Baptist Church, Carrollton, Kentucky, by their elected pastor, Rev. A. J. Nelson. The Revs. M. H. Gant, State Missionary and J. L. Roberts, District Missionary, along with many others, were present and enjoyed this great baptizing and uniting feast of these servants of the Lord into the Missionary Baptist faith.

All through the winter months we have striven and toiled, and by the help of the Almighty God, we are free from all indebtedness. We are happy to be in this great Diamond Jubilee Volume.

The gospel has been preached in its power and simplicity by Revs. Nelson, M. H. Gant, and R.J. Miller, and during the two revivals that our pastor carried on for us before our conversion into the Missionary Baptist faith, we have increased our membership to a large extent. May your prayers and best wishes follow us throughout our work.

[From Diamond Jubilee of the General Association of Colored Baptist Churches in Kentucky, 1943. - jrd]

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