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A Waking at Pembroke, KY
Baptist and Reflector, 1893
      I wrote last week that Pastor Couch, of Trenton, was assisting Pastor Phillips, of Pembroke, in a meeting. That meeting has just closed with fine results. The church and community were thoroughly aroused by Pastor Couch's plain but forcible and impressive manner of presenting the gospel. The visible results are some thirty additions to the Baptist Church. Some of the converts will join other denominations in the town.

      I have given the above items of news to let your readers know that the old Bethel Association is still alive and at work, and that some of our Tennesseans are over the line here helping to keep things moving just as they did in the days of old Father [Pastor Reuben] Ross. Be it remembered that Pastors Phillips and Couch are Tennesseans as well as Prof. Brandon.

      I may here state that Pastor Couch, of Trenton, has recently accepted a call for half his time at Adams' Station, Tennessee. Hence both States have a claim on him. I will add that his son, Arthur Couch, one of our Tennessee boys, is to be ordained here at Trenton, Ky., to-morrow.


[From the Baptist and Reflector, February 23, 1893, p. 4. CD edition. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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