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      A history written by Bro. Harold Harvey shortly after Northside Baptist Church was organized, as recorded in the minutes of Olmstead Baptist Church, Olmstead, Kentucky

Northside Independent Missionary Baptist Church
Organized January 8, 1972

      In July 1968, Bro. [Mitchell] Smith under the authority of Berea Baptist Church began the work as Northside Mission.

      In August 1969, after much prayer on the part of Bro. [C.G.] Sego [pastor of Berea Baptist Church, Clarksville Tennessee], Bro. Smith, and myself [Bro. Harvey], the Berea Baptist Church voted to release the work to a sister church of like faith and order. In the business meeting of August 20, 1969, Olmstead Baptist Church voted to do mission work in Elkton, Kentucky, under the name Northside Baptist Mission. Bro. Smith became a member of Olmstead Baptist Church and the church called him to pastor the mission.

      In September 1969, by an act of faith on the part of the members of the Olmstead Baptist Church, they voted to pay all expenses and give Bro. Smith a salary of $1,200.00 a year.

      These churches have also helped in the support:

Bible Baptist Church, White Bluff, Tennessee
Hopewell Baptist Church, Cunningham, Tennessee

      These men have helped in revivals and Bible institutes:

Bro. Wallace York - Bro. George Locke
Bro. Demas Brubacher - Bro. Harold Harvey

      On January 8, 1972, the Elkton Northside Mission was organized into Northside Independent Missionary Baptist Church with 19 members at present and five that have not presented themselves for membership, and one waiting for letter.

Excerpt from the minutes of Olmstead Baptist Church regarding the assumption of Northside Baptist Mission

Special Business Meeting – August 20, 1969

      Adrian duBarry made motion that the Olmstead Baptist Church take over the mission at Elkton, Kentucky, as of this meeting and at next regular business meeting that [the] church will approve the amount the church will give to the mission each month. Seconded by Fred Dobbs.

Excerpt from the minutes of Olmstead Baptist Church
regarding the organization of Northside Baptist Church

Business Meeting – December 8, 1971

      Olmstead Baptist Church voted to grant authority to Northside Baptist Mission to [be] organized into a New Testament Baptist Church. Members presenting themselves [to] be granted letters. Seconded by Layton Blick, Sr.

Excerpt from the minutes of Olmstead Baptist Church
regarding letters granted to the charter members of Northside Baptist Church

Special Business Meeting – January 2, 1972

      Mitchell Parker made motion that Olmstead Baptist Church grant letters to [the] following names for the purpose of organizing an Independent Missionary Baptist Church at Elkton, Kentucky.

	David Cornelison	Ruth Crafton		Myrtle Epley		George Hampton
	Imogene Hampton	        Bobby Knight		Jeanette Knight	        Ricky Knight
	Demple McClellan	Paulette Mohmee	        Richard Mohmee  	Helen Smith
	Kerry Smith		Mitchell Smith	        Bernice Wilhite	        Judy Wilhite
	Mary Wilhite		Tommy Wilhite	        Audrey Willis 

      Seconded by Glenn Blick.

Timeline of events by Bro. Irving Cummins

      July 6, 1968 First service as a mission

      January 8, 1972 Organized into Northside Baptist Church

      January 9, 1972 First service as a church

      November 20, 1994 Authorized Bro. Walter Lauerman to start Riverview Baptist Mission in Clarksville, Tennessee

      July 3, 1996 Organized Riverview Baptist Mission into Riverview Baptist Church in Clarksville, Tennessee

      July 4, 1999 First service with Bro. Irving Cummins as second pastor

      February 17, 2016 Authorized Bro. Darryl Titus to start Blessed Hope Baptist Mission in Mayfield, Kentucky


Edited by Stephen duBarry, July 4, 2018

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