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A Short History of the Elkton Baptist Church (KY)
J. H. Battle, 1884
      Elkton Baptist Church was organized in the fall of 1825, in the village of Elkton. Among the early members of the congregation might be mentioned: Anthony New and wife, Benjamin Edwards and wife, John S. Wilson and wife, David Stokes, William Keeling, Mrs. Conner, and Moody Grubs and wife. The first meetings were held in the second story of the court house. In 1826 the society built the church now occupied by the colored Baptists as a house of worship. The building at that time cost about $500, and was erected through the supervision of Moody Grubs, one of the members. The congregation continued to meet at this church until about 1873, when the present handsome edifice on Main Street was erected at a cost of about $6,000. At present the society numbers about 100 members.

      The following list shows the different ministers who have acted as pastors of this church: John S. Wilson, William Warder, Robert Anderson, Robert Nixon, R. A. Massey, William M. Jordon, J. M. Pea, John W. Kendal and E. N. Dicken. The present pastor is Rev. W. H. Rials. The following gentlemen are now acting as officers of the church: Clerk, Dr. S. M. Lowry; Deacons, George B. Lewis, Dr. E. B. Edwards, H. G. Boone, Dr. S. M. Lowry, Thomas J. Wilson and John Holland. The regular church services are now held on the third Sunday in each month. A Sunday-school was organized in connection with this church under the pastorate of Rev. Massey. It has an average attendance of about forty. The present officers are: John M. Lewis, Superintendent; Dr. E. B. Edwards, Librarian; Dr. S. M. Lowry, Treasurer, and Thomas Pepper, Secretary.


[From J. H. Battle, editor, County of Todd (KY) - Historical and Biographical, 1884; reprint 1997, p. 143. This document is from the Todd County Public Library; the title is supplied. - Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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