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Shelby County (KY) Baptist Association
The Baptist Argus, 1904
      This large and enthusiastic body of Baptists held 33rd annual session at Burks Branch Baptist church Thursday and Friday, the 18th and 19th of August. Twenty-two churches and about 4,000 members make up the association.

      Hon. J. A. Middleton reiterated his declination of the year before and Rev. B. J. Davis, of Waddy, was elected moderator, Rev. J. E. Nunn, assistant moderator, John T. secretary and J. T. Mddleton, treasurer. Brother Davis presided like a veteran, with ease, grace and fairness.

      Rev. D. J. Evans, pastor at Simpsonville, preached the introductory sermon. The writer did not arrive in time to hear it, but heard many complimentary things said about it. A number of visitors were present, among them being Cor. Sec. J. G. Bow, Sec. George H. Cox, Rev. G. W. Young of the American Anti-Saloon League, Dr. A. J. Barton, Field Secretary of the Home Mission Board.

      The association heartily endorsed the work of the Oneida Baptist Institute, and quickly raised $400 to help build its new dormitory. Later reports tell us that some of the churches have doubled, trebled and quadrupled their pledges made at the association on a visit from Brother Burns.

      The association took a decided stand on several important questions, among them that of Temperance, and requested the business men of Shelbyville to use their utmost endeavors to rid the town of licensed saloons, it being the only place in the county where they are allowed. The hospitality of the Burks Branch community was fully up to the Shelby county standard. An elegant dinner was served on the grounds to the vast crowds which assembled on both days. The Argus man regretted the necessity for missing one of them.

      The next session will be held with the Baptist church in Waddy on the same date next year.
           H.E. C.


[From The Baptist Argus, September 1, 1904, p. 4; via Baylor U. digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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