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Georgetown College, (KY) 1908
The Oldest Baptist College in the South
Prof. Arthur Yager, Ph.D.

      Georgetown, the oldest and strongest of our Baptist schools is adding another year of good work to its long and honorable career. Founded in 1829 it is the oldest Baptist college in the entire South, and one of the most ancient seats of learning west of the Alleghany Mountains. That our Baptist fathers should have turned their attention at this early date in the history of Kentucky to the founding of a college, will forever remain tribute to their foresight and intelligent interest, in the things of the mind. In this respect they were in advance even of the Baptists of Virginia, and the older sister states of the sea board.

Curriculum and Equipment Rising.

      The seventy-ninth session of the college is drawing to a close, with every evidence of progressive work. The standards of work have been elevated - the entrance requirements increased – and the work of the college generally, has been lifted by the work of this year. The equipment also has been improved by the addition of a new laboratory for Analytical Chemistry, and an excellent athletic field for out-of-door sports. The quality of the work done was never better, perhaps never quite so good. The grade of the student body is higher, and the application to study more constant and regular than for many years. Moreover, the good order and cheerful compliance with the regulations of the college are beyond praise.

      All of the student organizations have flourished. The Christian Association, the Literary Societies, the Athletic Association have manifested much activity and interest.

      A society for the application of the honor system to all examinations and tests, has sprung spontaneously into vigorous life this year; and the way that the student body has voluntarily laid hold of it, evidences the existence of practical Christian morality.

      Wide recognition has recently been given of the rank of the college, by the great universities of the country. Full credit for the work done at Georgetown has been granted her students Who have entered Harvard, Yale, Tulane, Chicago University, and Smith College; and these students have everywhere stood the test for thoroughness in their collegiate training.

Thirty Graduates This Year

      The Senior class this year consists of about thirty young men and young women, of a grade and character that will rank among the best that the college has ever graduated. Taken all together, the seventy-ninth session of Georgetown College is one of the best in all her long and honorable career.
     Georgetown, Ky


[From The Baptist Argus, April 6, 1908, p. 5; Baylor U. digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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