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Paducah and Murray Baptist Churches
By H. E. Cleaton

      Paducah is one of the important cities of Kentucky in point of size as well as its commercial and manufacturing interests. From a Baptistic standpoint, it is equally prominent. Having heard its praises sung around our fireside for several years past, I made my first visit there recently with exalted expectations. They were not lowered upon personal acquaintance with city and people, but rather raised a notch or two.

      The First Baptist church is taking on new life under the wise and energetic leadership of Pastor W. K. Penrod. Last year some $3,500 was expended in altering and beautifying the interior of their main auditorium, making it one of unusual comfort and elegance. During my visit it was voted to continue the improvements to include the interior of the Sunday school room, the outside of the entire building and new heating apparatus. Some $2,500 more will be needed to complete the work. Bro. Penrod has a strong hold upon the confidence and esteem of the citizens, as well as his own people. Large congregations hear him preach, and the Sunday-school is prosperous. Weekly teachers' meetings and monthly meetings of the Board of Deacons are good features. An active Woman's Missionary Society is one of the factors in the work of this excellent church. Where so many kindnesses were shown me by so many people, it would be hard to particularize, but I cannot forbear to mention Mrs. J. K. Richardson, Mrs. E. B. Jones and Mrs. Walker.

      I also spent one day with the saints at Murray. Pastor Taylor was not at home, but I was fortunate enough to fall into the hands of Mrs. Dr. Graves. This church is also progressing. Work has just begun on a new building, to cost some $6,000 and to be completed by the first of November. Bro. Taylor is much beloved by his people.


[From The Baptist Argus, July 13, 1899, p. 13; via Baylor U. Digital Documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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