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The Lynnland College
Hardin County, KY

      The Lynnland College property, near Glendale was purchased June 23, 1915, through W. M. Stallings, representing the Trustees, at the nominal sum of $3500.00, including grounds, buildings, and contents to be utilized for the Home. Lynnland College had its origin in 1865, when five members of the Gilead Church contributed $5000 each and secured an additional $7000 from others, with which to establish a school. The five brethren in the church, who gave the $25,000 to establish the institution, were William Sprigg, Henry Sprigg, Samuel Sprigg, Samuel Hansbrough, and J. J. Jeffres. Two other members, F. W. Summons, and J. R. Gaither also had a part in promoting this noble enterprise. A building was erected on about one hundred acres of land, and in the fall of 1867, Lynnland College opened its doors on property formerly occupied by a military institute. The school was so prosperous that at the beginning of 1869, other buildings were erected. In 1870, the trustees, who owned the college, sold their interest to private individuals. The school was

privately owned and operated until 1905, when the property was purchased by the Severn's Valley Baptist Association, organized as an Educational Board. In the fall of the same year the school opened under the new management with high standards and grew rapidly. After the close of session in the spring of 1914, the Severn's Valley Baptist Education Society sold the property to a group of Baptists in Glendale for the purchase price, and they in turn sold the same to the Trustees of the proposed Orphans' Home.fn

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[From Frank M. Masters, A History of Baptists in Kentucky, 1953, chapter 32, p. 465-6.

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