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     The document shows the activities of Baptist pastors and churches of the Louisville area in the early 20th century.
Louisville Baptist News
From The Baptist Argus, January 8, 1903

Preachers’ Conference
Meeting of January 5, 1903

Reports encouraging.

Congregations generally good.

Five churches reported additions.

Devotional exercises conducted by Rev. D. Sims.

No paper. A meeting of the General Conference followed.

"Jesus Crowded Out" was Pastor E. E George's theme at Glenview. Lord’s Supper observed.

Pastor H. D. Allen's themes at Third Avenue: "Assurance" and "Going Forward." Large Sunday school.

Two baptized at Clifton. Pastor W. E. Foster's themes: "Christ Our Master and Example" and "Lessons from the Parable of the Ten Virgins."

Dr. J. M. Weaver addressed the General Conference on "The Pastor in the Home." The paper was warmly commended.

Next Monday Pastor H. E. Tralle will read a paper on "The State of the Wicked Between Death and the Resurrection."

One received under watchcare and one for baptism at Van Buren streets. Pastor J. D. Ray's "True Worship" and "How to be Delivered from Sin."

Rev. Earle D. Sims preached in the evening at Twenty-sixth and Market on "The Water of Everlasting Life." Pastor R. E. Reed preached in the morning.

Eight received by letter and two for baptism at Walnut street. Pastor T. T. Eaton's themes "Make Haste" and "The Cowardly." Lord's Supper observed.

Pastor J. A. Bennett preached in the morning at Pewee on "God's Preparation for His People" (I Corinthians 2:9). Pastor spoke at the Confederate Home in the afternoon.

A new $2,000 church building has been completed at Croppers, Rev. Earle D. Sims, pastor. Brother Sims has recently assisted in two good meetings, one in Florida and the other in Michigan.

One received by letter at Jeffersonville. Progress is being made in the repairing of the church building. Pastor J. M. McFarland's themes: "The Christian's Great Loss" and "The Fewness of the Laborers."

Annual congregational meeting and roll-call at Highland, with talks by some of the members. Pastor B. A. Dawes preached in the evening on "What the New Year will Bring Us." One addition by letter.

Rev. C. S. Leonard supplied at East Mead. Themes: "The Value of Definite Purpose" I Corinthians 15:58 and "Our Future Home in Heaven." Brother Leonard preached Wednesday evening at the Wayfarer's Rest.

Christmas entertainment at Southgate last Monday evening, with an offering of $29 for missions. A watch-meeting was held Wednesday evening. An afternoon Bible class inaugurated, taught by Pastor G. W. Clarke.

"Taking Stock" was Pastor W. W. Hamilton's morning theme at McFerran. Evening theme: "The Holy Spirit and the New Life." Two baptized. The Lord's Supper observed. The pastor spoke at the Hope Rescue Mission Saturday evening.

A watch meeting at First German last Wednesday evening. Pastor A. Janzen's morning theme: "The Glorification of Christ" (John 12:26). In the evening Rev. J. Claus of the German Methodist church of the west end, preached. Pastor Janzen preached at the Christ church, Barrett avenue.

Lord’s Supper observed at Parkland. Pastor J. A. Taylor's themes: "Our Church Covenant" and "Righteousness and the Kingdom." Christmas entertainment and watch-meeting last Wednesday, with a collection for the Orphans' Home and Hope Rescue Mission. Annual business meeting Wednesday of this week.

Logan street began revival services. Pastor H. E. Tralle preaches daily, except Saturday, at 7:45 p. m, Sunday themes: "The Blessing in Giving" and "The Spirit of Revival." A collection of over $200 was taken for special objects. A large increase in the Sunday school. At the entertainment last Tuesday evening Superintendent J. A. Hendry was presented with a handsome gold watch.

Pastor J. M, Weaver entered upon his 39th year as pastor at Chestnut street. Themes: "A Pastor's New Address" (Ephesians 5:1, 2) and "The Source of Blessing" (Psalm 87:7). One received by letter and one baptized since last report. Church closed the year out of debt. Lord's Supper observed. An attendance of 255 in Sunday school, with a mission collection of about $20.

Pastor J. P. Jenkins began his fifth year at Franklin street. During the four years 295 have been received, 143 of them for baptism, and the church has raised for all purposes $12,000. Sunday themes: "The Watch" I Corinthians 1:6 and "Salvation" (Acts 16:28). Lord's Supper observed. A collection of $250 taken. Average Sunday school attendance for the year about 195.

No evening service at Broadway. Annual afternoon meeting, with observance of the Lord's Supper and reports and a talk by the pastor. Pastor Carter Helm Jones preached in the morning on "A New Year's Message - Consecration." One received for baptism. During the year the church raised about $21,000, two-thirds of it going for missions and benevolent objects.

[From The Baptist Argus, January 8, 1903, p. 5, via Baylor U. digital collection. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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