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Harrodsburg Baptist Church (KY)
Dr. MacGregor's Meeting - Large Number of Additions
By Rev. J. F. Williams
The Baptist Argus, 1898
      The church at Harrodsburg has just passed through a gracious meeting. The pastor was assisted by Rev. MacGregor, of Atlanta, The pastor preached one week before the arrival of Bro. MacGregor, the meeting continued three weeks after his arrival. The immediate results were 33 additions - 22 by experience and 11 by letter. The audiences during the good weather were large sometimes beyond the seating compacity of the building. Each Sunday three services were held. The sermons to children were very helpful and productive of rich results. Sunday afternoon last the visiting brother preachedlamp a sermon on "The Baptist Position on Communion." Some who came thinking that in this subject the preacher had an elephant on his hands went away thinking, we are led to believe, that the other religious bodies had the elephant on their hands. At night before a packed house, the question of "Popular Amusements" was discussed in a most effective and kindly way. We feel that the results of the meeting are not all immediate, but that in days and months to come results will accrue from this splendid series of sermons. MacGregor is safe and sound. I have never engaged in a meeting in which was less of the exciting. The preaching was intensely Scriptural, and that means that the preacher puts high honor on the Gospel as the power of God unto salvation. Those pastors, who are content with the old ways, will find him a tower of strength in special evangelistic efforts.

[From The Baptist Argus, February, 17, 1898, p. 8; via Baylor U. digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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