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Upper Cumberland Baptist Association
Rev. J. W. Mahan

      This body met with Slater's Fork church, Harlan Co., Ky., on October 9th, and held the best session in its history. Bro. T. G. Harris called the association to order. Bro. Jesse W. Howard was elected moderator. Brethren J. W. Mahan and T. B. Irvine were elected clerks.

      Eleven of the fourteen churches composing this body were represented. Reports show an increase by baptism of 44. There was a larger number of messengers present than usual and most all of them took an active part in the work. With great pleasure we noted the increased interest among our people in missions, education and all lines of our denominational work. We received $82.52 in cash and reliable pledges for a colporter [sic] next year. Twenty-nine dollars and thirty-four cents was reported for missions, of this amount our town church gave $26.24. Collection for Orphans' Home was $20.50. Our brethren were all greatly encouraged and are now planning for a better session next year.

      We meet next year with Upper Wallin’s Creek.
          Harlan, Ky.


[From The Baptist Angus, November 12, 1903, p. 3; via Baylor U. digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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