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The First Independent Baptist Church - Colored
      The Statistical Report of the 1st Independent Baptist Church at Frankfort, Kentucky, organized with 115 members, Aug. 31st, 1867 in the City of Frankfort on Mero Street, between St Clair and Washington:

1st Pastor - James H. Paries

2nd Pastor - C. C. Stum

3rd Pastor - R. Struws

4th Pastor - James M. Mason

5th Pastor - E. Richey

6th - Our present Pastor - K. H. C. Mitchel

     The present membership - 173.

     The Church is alive financially and in a peaceful condition.

Present Deacons - Tabb Smith 
Benjamin Taylor
Guy Owens
Jack Moten
Abram Dobson
John H. Thomas

Sept. 13, 1886.

Respectfully submitted
(Signed) John H. Thomas
Church Clerk


[This document is from a copy at the Kentucky Historical Society Library, Frankfort, KY. - Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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