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North Fork Baptist Church

Franklin County, Kentucky

     In April 1801, Thomas Bradley; Elijah, Charity and Andrew Rogers; Elijah and Conny Anderson, members of the Forks of Elkhorn Baptist Church were dismissed to join a new congregation up the creek on the north fork of Elkhorn. William Hickman and George Eve had established a church consisting of nineteen members on the north Elkhorn at Switzer, which became known as Meeting House Spring. The church was first called Brushy Fork, but soon changed to North Fork.

     On May 2, 1870 trustees of the North Fork Baptist Church bought six acres from the Talbott estate. That same year the North Fork Baptist Church was built on its present site.

     Early ministers at North Fork Baptist were: William Hickman, George Eve, Jesse Vawter, John H. Ficklin,and Mordecai Boulware.

     The present pastor is Jay Stratton.



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