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Franklin Baptist Association, 1898
A Report on the Meeting
By M. B. Adams

      The association honored itself as well as Colonel Rodman, of Frankfort, by electing him moderator by a vote for the twenty third successive time. He presided with dignity and dispatched business with his usual vigor and promptness, notwithstanding his 75 years of age. At the close the association unanimously adopted resolutions thanking him for his 23 years faithful service as moderator.

      The session was harmonious and happy and will be productive of great good. The business was carried on without friction and in the spirit of brotherly love.

      The introductory sermon by Rev. Rufus Weaver was a masterly production. It was a historical account of the meeting of the Elkhorn Association with the Elkhorn church one hundred years ago. His graphic description of the life and times of the Rev. John Gano, the mightiest spirit among Kentucky Baptists a century ago, made the man and his surroundings a living reality. The association ordered this sermon printed in the minutes for permanent record growing out of this sermon the association appointed Col. Rodman to act with Drs. Sampey and Cody as a committee to secure the removal of the remains of John Gano from their present resting place at the Forks of Elkhorn to the cemetary [sic] at Frankfort, and the erection of a suitable monument to his memory. We hope Kentucky Baptists will assist in this effort.

      Jos. T. Staten, of Frankfort, was elected treasurer. Rev. Rufus Weaver was selected as delegate to the Southern Baptist Convention.

      The following were chosen delegates to the General Association: M. B. Adams, E. R. Jones, W. E. Gwatkin and Thos. Rodman. Seventeen churches were represented. Twenty-five dollars in cash was raised for the Orphans' Home.

      Strong temperance resolutions were passed recommending that churches no longer retain as members persons engaged in the whiskey traffic.

      Dr. McGlothlin made a strong address on Young People's work and Dr. Carver delivered a striking speech on Foreign Missions. Thank God for these men.

      Brethren Bardin, Burton, Shannon, Farmer, Jones, Adkins and Gwatkin all did sterling work during the meeting.

      Bro. Gwatkin's speech on State Missions made a deep impression as did that of Dr. Warder.


secured from the clerk, brother W. H. Parrent, Bridgeport, Ky.

      Additions by baptism, 179; letter, 47, restoration, 61. Total, 287. Total membership, 3,393. Total mission contributions, $45361. No. of Sunday-schools 21; officers and teachers, 156; scholars, 1320; collections, $144.50.

      Next session will be held at Lebanon church. Total reported collection $3,923.44, being $1,36.56 less than last year. Some churches do not report pastors [sic] salaries.


[From The Baptist Argus, September 1, 1898, p. 4; via Baylor U. Digital documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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