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Ashland Avenue Baptist Church
Lexington, Kentucky
Seventieth Anniversary Service Historical Statistics
January 30, 1916 - January 30, 1986

     Ashland Avenue Baptist Church was organized on January 30, 1916, by the first Baptist Church, J. W. Porter then pastor. Thirty numbers of the First Baptist Church composed the charter membership: C.S. Vermillion, Mrs. C. S. Vermillion, G. C. Thompson, Mrs. G. C. Thompson, Ott Miller, Mrs. Ott Miller, Dr. E. P. Beard, Mrs. E. F. Beard, J. R. Wilcoxson, Mrs. J. R. Wilcoxson, Wilson S. Hunt, Mrs. Wilson S. Hunt, Susie Hunt, Bessie Hunt, Mrs. J. Q. Compton, D. M. Case, Mrs. S. A. Williams, J. B. Stine, Mrs. J. B. Stine, Mrs. Annie Coil, Jessie T. Coil, Miss Lucy Munday, Mrs. Emma Darnaby, S. C. Eubank, Mrs. S. C. Eubank, Mrs. Sallie E. Branaman, Mrs. Nonie Hubbard, Mrs. Chester Lowry, Mrs. Sidney Delaney and Sidney Delaney.

February 6, 1916 - W. H. Mahaffy was called as first pastor. He continued as pastor until July 16, 1916.

September 6, 1916 - The church made application and was received into membership of the Elkhorn Baptist Association.

November 5, 1916 - Pastor Clarence Walker of Wilmore conducted morning and evening services. At the close of the evening service was extended a unanimous call to become pastor.

November 12, 1916 - Pastor Clarence Walker accepted the pastorate of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church.

April 19, 1917 - Plans for new church building was adopted.

July 8-22, 1917 - First tent meeting of church held by Pastor Walker and J. W. Porter. There were eight additions.

January 1, 1921 - Church membership had grown to 235.

1921 - Average Sunday School attendance was 189.

January 22, 1922 - First service held in new auditorium.

July 30, 1922 - "Ashland Avenue Baptist" began publication on a weekly basis. By 1936 it had a subscription list of 1,900. Today our subscription mailing list is approximately 66,000.

April 1, 1923 - Pastor preaches first sermon to go out from Lexington on radio.

Summer, 1927 - First Daily Vacation Bible School was held.

Summer, 1931 - First tent meeting held at Harp's Corner.

January 10, 1932 - First unit of new Sunday School building occupied by Junior Dept.

August 23, 1938 - Walter Walker called to be with the Lord.

1944 - Howard Davis came to help in work of paper and church.

September, 1950 - Lexington Baptist Bible Institute opened its doors to its first class. Eleven students composed the first day classes. In 1952 the name was changed to Lexington Baptist College.

1961 - Bro. Walker was stricken on March 4. He came to church the first time after his stroke May 14.

January 21, 1966 - Ground was broken for the new building of Lexington Baptist College on Walton Ave.

November 6, 1966 - Bro. Clarence Walker completed fifty years as pastor of Ashland Avenue Baptist Church. The church had only been organized about six months when he preached his first sermon here to an audience of only 33. The church owned no property but held its meeting in a small frame building located on the site of the present church, which was formerly used as a school house.

November 6, 1966 - Bro. Clarence Walker resigned as pastor.

January 15, 1967 - Pastor Ross L. Range was called as pastor to become effective, March 5, 1967. Membership 1,557.

October, 1967 - Ground broken for new auditorium.

June 1, 1968 - Lexington Baptist College moved into new building.

August 11, 1968 - Bro. Clarence Walker went home to be with the Lord.

First Sunday of November, 1968 - moved into new auditorium.

November 11, 1970 - withdrew from Elkhorn Baptist Association because of alien baptism & liberalism.

April, 1972 - bought additional house & parking lot.

November 28, 1976 - note burning day.

1977-1979 - remodeled Sunday School building.

August 24, 1980 - Bro. Hershael York began his ministry with us.

1980-1982 - remodeled Family Center.

We have started several new missions and churches.

At least 20 young men have surrendered to the gospel ministry.

Mission budget (1967 ) - $46,715.15

Mission budget (1986) - $320,988.00

Additions (1967-1985) - 2,327

Membership: 2,164


[This document provided by Kenneth and Wanda Robbins White, Richmond, KY. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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