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REPORT of the Committee of Helps,
(Lexington, KY)
To Enquire into Sundry Charges Against
the Religious and Moral Character of Jacob Creath,
Exhibitted [sic]in a Pamphlet, published BY ELIJAH CRAIG.

      “His mischief shall return upon his own head, and his violent dealing shall come down upon his own pate.” PSALM VII, 26.

      WHEREAS, a Pamphlet has lately made its appearance in the world, under the signature of E. Craig, entitled "A Portrait of Jacob Creath," whose Moral and Religious Character is therein assailed - The Baptist Church at Town Fork, where the said Creath is a member, considered it a duty they owed to society in general and Brother Creath in particular, to forward a full, fair, and impartial investigation of the statements and representations made by said Craig, in the aforesaid Pamphlet - for which purpose they called for the aid of eighteen of the adjacent Churches, to meet by the number of Messengers they respectively sent to the last annual Association, to meet on the 28th day of July, 1807, at the Town Fork Meeting House, in Fayette County; and also notified the aforesaid E. Craig to attend on said day, with his wittnesses on the occasion. A Committee of Helps from said Churches met accordingly, and being organized as a body of Counsel, proceeded to the investigation, in presence of the Church, and continued four days by adjournment; at the close of which they made the following report:

     AT a meeting of a Committee of Helps met at Town Fork Meeting House, the 28th day of July, 1807, agreeable to the request of the Church at Town Fork, to aid in Counsel, on a Trial of Brother Jacob Creath, for a number of charges against his Moral and Ministerial Character; part of which were stated to have been proven by Brother Elijah Craig, at the Church at East Hickman, where the said Craig is a member; which Charges are contained in a Pamphlet entitled ''A Portrait of Jacob Creath'' –

     The Committee from Eighteen Churches are as follow:
Boon's creek,) The members refused to act.
Bryant's )

Glen's Creek, ) Wm. Buckley, Seth Ramsey,

North Elkhorn, ) John Graves, John Thompson, Joseph. Wilson, George Oldham,

South Elkhorn, ) John Keller, John Parker, Daniel Bryan, Peter Higbee,

Great Crossings, ) Robert Johnson, William Tomlinson, William Shortridge,

Dry Run, ) Waller Rhodes, Younger Pitts,

M'Conel's Run, ) Thos. Herndon, Toliver Craig, Lewis Denny,

Clear Creek, ) Richard Young,Dudley Mitchum,

Hillsborough, ) Charles Buck, Thomas Bullock, Spencer Guill,

Sylas, ) John Chinn,

David's Fork, ) Benjamin Robertson, James Welch, Abner Wilson, Edward Darnaby,

Forks Elkhorn, ) William Hubble, John Price, Joseph Edington, James Finney,

Mount Moriah, ) William Patterson, Peter Wethers,

North Fork, ) Mordecai Boulward, Thomas Bradley,

Mount Gillead, ) Robert Fryer, Stephen, Wood,

Long Lick, ) Edmund Shearley, Thomas Cobb,

Mount Pleasant, ) William Hughes

      The Committee appointed Robert Johnson Moderator, and Charles Buck Clerk, and then proceeded to business; and continued from day to day, and having examined the witnesses for and against the said Jacob Creath, proceeded to take the sense of the committee thereon, by stating the following charges to them, and obtaining their vote, viz.

Charge of intrigue and cunning, and dismembering society. Page 3.

Charge of breaking rule. Page 4.

Charge for stating that Craig's charges should be first heard. Page 4.

Charge for saying he did know a minority, and for riding from house to house to prevent their signing a letter to the association. Pages 4 & 5.

Charge of falsehood, in talking to Clifton Thompson. Page 5.

Charge of not preaching to churches without pay. Page 33.

Charge of falsehood in questioning Jim, &c. . Page 5 & 6.

Charge of making havock and distress in the churches. Pages 33.

Charge of telling the judges to keep the $100. Pages 6.

Charge of intoxication. Page 8.

Charge of grabbing the money &c. at Frankfort. Page 27.

Charge of false claim to $1250. Page 8.

Charge of impropriety and sin at Mrs. Carter's burial. Page 29.

Charge of corruption used to get helps. Pages 26 & 27.

      The above charges were separately put to the committee, and each of them negatived. After which a question was put by the Moderator, "Is Brother Creath guilty of any of the charges contained in the Pamphlet aforesaid, which have not yet been voted on, supported by, evidence brought against him?" Answered in the negative. The committee are therefore of opinion, that the said Jacob Creath ought to stand acquitted of the charges against him, contained in said pamphlet.
      Signed by order of the Committee unanimously,
           ROBERT JOHNSON, Moderator
(A copy.)            CHARLES BUCK, Clerk. - July 31, 1807.
(A copy.) - Teste
                LEWIS E. TURNER,
                Clerk of Town Fork Church.


[A small privately printed pamphlet; via E-text Collection of SBTS, Louisville, KY; Adam Winters, Archivist. Transcribed and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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