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By R. D. Swain, 1908

      Clinton College has been steadily increasing in efficiency and in the number of students. The enrollment this year is twenty per cent larger than last year. Clinton town is a good place for a school, judging from the fact that the Methodists have built a school there. Baptists are thick in West Kentucky, and they are becoming more and more interested in education. What Clinton needs is the strength of the denomination back of it. There is no good reason why the institution should not become a member of the Baptist Education Society of Kentucky.


[Both articles are from The Baptist Argus, April 9, 1908, p. 2; via Baylor U. digitized documents. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

Mr. Geo. W. McKeaig, of Trustees

      Our school at present is moving along nicely under the management of Prof. J. M. with the aid of Miss Elizabeth Garnett, of Glasgow, Ky., and Miss Mary Lyne, of Russellville, Ky. On account of not having a dormitory we are laboring under great disadvantages, but to have one by the the next fall term begins. We are looking for the right man for president, as Prof. Wallace has only agreed take the for the spring term. We are hoping and praying for the right man. We have acres in campus with buildings to take care of, three or four hundred pupils. With a good faculty and dormitory we expect a full school.
Sturgis Institute, Kentucky.

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