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Bryan Station Baptist Church Constitution
Lexington, Kentucky, 1786

      Sundry Baptists in the neighborhood of Bryans on North Elkhorn, on the third Satuurday in March, 1786, thought good to send to the churches of South Elkhorn and Big Crossing, for helps to see if they were fit to form a constitution, and desired those churches to meet at Bryans on the third Saturday in April, and were accordingly met by Lewis and Benjamin Craig, from South Elkhorn, and William Cave and Bartlett Collins from Big Crossing properly delegated, present, Augustin Eastin, Henry Roach, William Ellis, Joseph Rogers, Betty Darnaby, Judith Tandy, Elizabeth Price and Ann Rogers . . . we agree to unite and form a constitution and adopt the Philadelphia Confession of faith . . . and have appointed the Third Saturday in the month as our Monthly meeting and adjourned until the Third Saturday in May.

Helps from South Elkhorn: Lewis Craig, Benjamin Craig.
Helps from Big Crossing: William Cave, Bartlett Collins.

Augustine Eastin
Henry Roach
William Ellis
Joseph Rogers
Betty Darnaby
Judith Tandy
Elizabeth Price
Anne Rogers.

      Met according to adjournment at Bryans the Third Saturday in May, 1786. After . . . to Almighty God for His Divine blessing Proceeded to business. Received into Union Rev. Ambrose Dudley, Agness Ellis, Anne Dogges, Sarah Davis, William Tomlinson, and proceeded to form and lay down a plan of Government by which we wish to be ruled in the future.

(Signed) Augustine Eastin, Modr.

      Covenant, and Rules for the Government of the Church were adopted.

      October 22, 1786, Rev. Ambrose Dudley was unanimously called as the first pastor of the church.


[Taken from the Churchbook, by Virginia Webb Howard, 1932. This document is on microfilm at Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, KY. Scanned and formatted by Jim Duvall.]

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