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History of the Churches of Boone's Creek
Baptist Association of Kentucky

By S. J. Conkwright, 1923


      The historian writing of the past, however rugged his path, dare not shape or smooth it to suit his own taste or conscience. With this point in view, impartiality and faithfulness have been the aim of the author in the preparation of this work, assigned to him by Boone's Creek Association, namely, the compilation of a history of the Association and of all the churches ever connected with it at any time.

      In order that the history might be as near complete and accurate as possible, the author requested through her pastors and clerks of all the churches affiliating with the Association the use of all church records that have been preserved, so that he might obtain the true facts for this work. This request was kindly granted by every church with the exception of one. Inasmuch as some of the churches are among the oldest in the State of Kentucky, and others were, but have disbanded, and had been, prior to the constitution of Boone's Creek Association in 1823, members of other associations, the records of these associations were also cheerfully loaned, as well as some records from Virginia.

      The author was naturally interested in this work, as his ancestors from colonial days were Baptists, and constituent members of the "Travelling Church" that came irom Virginia in 1780, and still exists as Providence Church, Clark County, Kentucky, the oldest church constitution in the State, hence he eagerly sought out everything obtainable that might be of value and assistance in the compilation of the work, and from these scattered documents, both old and new, as well as other authentic information obtained, the author has prepared the history of all the churches now or heretofore connected with Bowie's Creek Association. The author has endeavored to weave this into readable form and give, as far as obtainable, the names of all the pastors, preachers ordained, clerks and deacons, the names and dates being compiled from the many entries that bear upon these subjects. However, a number of the record books have been roughly used, some torn and badly faded, and even with the use of a magnifying glass sometimes could not be deciphered, besides some entries are very vague, and therefore it is possible that some of the names may be missing and that all the dates are not absolutely correct.

      If the work has been tedious, it has been rendered cheerfully and as a labor of love, with the hope that it might be interesting, if not perfect. For the honor conferred upon him by the Association in electing him to compile the work, the author expresses his sincere thanks.

      The author appreciates the hearty response by those pastors and clerks of Boone's Creek Association who so cheerfully furnished their church records for use; a!so to Brother Elvado Tudor, the moderator of Tate's Creek Association for the use of the records of that Association. He also extends his thanks to our brethren, the Primitive Baptists, for the use of association records, minutes, etc., among whom were Elder J. W. Anderson, Brethren Allen H. Rupard, William A. Rupard, J. S. Stevens and J. T. Elkin; to my friends in Virginia, Dr. E. W. Winfrey, Rev. E. V. Peyton and Dr. Garrett Ryland and to Mr. Asa C. Barrow for books and pamphlets, and to Mr. Otto A. Rothert, Secretary of the Filson Club, of Louisville, Kentucky, for suggestions and pictures for cuts.

      The author is especially indebted to Dr. George F. Doyle, the accomplished and efficient Secretary of the Clark County Historical Society, who is not only deeply interested in historical matters pertaining to his County and State, but also those relating to his church and denomination, for suggestions and valuable assistance in the preparation and arrangement of the manuscript.
      Winchester, Kentucky. July 1, 1923.
           S. J. CONKWRIGHT. Clerk of Boone's Creek Association.

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